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Will we find out whether Desmond was really on the plane on the season premiere of Lost? — Carrie
MICKEY: "We will answer that question very shortly in the show," executive producer Carlton Cuse tells us. "It will absolutely be clear whether he was on the plane or not." Does this help? We're also hearing that the next time Desmond appears, which might not be for a while, it'll be with Penny at his side.

What's the latest word on a love interest for Catherine on CSI? — Sid
ADAM: Well, the latest words are "The Panty Sniffer." Before your filthy minds get ahead of you, that's the title of an upcoming episode that features Catherine & Co. assisting the police during a stakeout to bust the Southwest's biggest Ecstasy pushers. "Catherine will spend a good part of the episode in a hotel room with Detective Vartann (Alex Carter)," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn tells us. "We've already established a little flirtation between them in a prior episode, and although it's not very CSI, yes, there is a kiss." Happy?

What can you tell me about the baby episode of The Office? — Tamara
MICKEY: Well, do you want to know the sex of the baby or do you want to be surprised? Another surprise: Jim and Pam aren't the only Office couple planning for the arrival of offspring. Back at Dunder Mifflin, Michael thinks the arrival of Baby Jam is proof of his matchmaking skills, so he tries again. This is good news, eventually, for fans of the Ballad of Erin and Andy. Nardrin? Erindy? Help me out, people!

What's next for Risgby and Van Pelt on The Mentalist now that they've finally made their relationship public? — Clarisse
Although Lisbon doesn't take any immediate action, she'll regret that once new CBI boss Molly Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis) shows up. "Hightower immediately susses out the relationship when she arrives to the office and forces that relationship to a conclusion," creator Bruno Heller tells us. "She brings them into the office and says, 'Here's the bottom line: You guys can have a relationship or you can both work at the CBI.'"

What's coming up next on Modern Family? — Dale
MICKEY: You won't believe it, but... infidelity! Gloria goes on a date with another man who wants to make amends with her for past transgressions. "He takes me to go to dinner to make up for something he said," Sofia Vergara teases. In the Dunphy household, Phil's Facebook relationship status will be "it's complicated" when ex-girlfriend Judy Greer shows up, and she's still got the hots for Phil. "They get their signals quite crossed," says Julie Bowen.

I've seen enough of Tony and Ziva on NCIS. I want more Gibbs! — Priscilla
ADAM: Done. "The [season finale] is going to revolve around Gibbs," Cote de Pablo tells us. "It's going to have to do with something that he's going to be struggling with at the beginning of the next season." My money is on problems with the ladies, since both Allison Hart (Rena Sofer) and Holly Snow (Dina Meyer) will be in the mix. "Gibbs will use her in an investigation," Mark Harmon says of Snow. "[She's] an interesting ally, an uncomfortable ally and an odd ally in some ways."

Is Demetri going to be able to change his flash-forward on FlashForward? — Patel
MICKEY: No, but maybe Zoey (Gabrielle Union) will. John Cho reports: "In trying to protect me, [Zoey] is getting into the business at the FBI. She's trying to get more active and thus, puts a strain on my relationships with my co-workers, in particular Mark Benford." Union says that her character will also have issues with Wedeck.

So glad Southland is back, but I'm sad about Russell. Got any scoop that will cheer me up? — Angela
ADAM: I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better. Tom Everett Scott tells us that Russell's recovery and drive to get back to work will amplify the problems he had separating his work and home lives. "[His wife] shows up at the hospital, and that happens while Lydia is there trying to connect with him," he says. "And you can see that there are definitely opposing forces pulling on him."

Can you tell us more about Adrianna's same-sex flirtation on 90210? — Jon
MICKEY: Well, flirtation is a good word for it, Jon, because while Jessica Lowndes' scenes with Rumer Willis are actually quite good, Ade's friendship with Gia is less about long-term romance and more about spring-boarding Ade into a new story line, in which she joins an all-girl band. Only problem: Navid's new girlfriend is also in the band.

What's next for Danny and Lindsay on CSI: NY?  I would like to see more interaction and stories with Lindsay especially. — Cindy
ADAM: Based on my inbox, you're not the only one suffering from Lindsay withdrawal, Cindy. But executive producer Pam Veasey has a good excuse: "She's a mom. We don't want to ignore the fact that sometimes mothers take time off," Veasey says, adding that the character is here to stay. "You'll definitely see her being a mother and trying to juggle the life of being a crime-fighter, forensic scientist and a parent."

Any Chuck scoop? — Dan
MICKEY: Four characters will contemplate leaving Burbank, and two of them will actually go through with it. Does leaving Burbank mean leaving the show? Not necessarily, given the show's globe-trotting ways.

What hints can you give me about the Burn Notice finale? — Will
ADAM: Michael will come face-to-face with Simon (guest star Garret Dillahunt), the guy who committed all the crimes that were used to burn Michael. Simon demands a meeting with "Management" (John Mahoney), promising Michael a chance to reclaim his identity in the process. I'm not sure I'd trust Simon, though, since he's got a Miami Beach hotel rigged to blow if Michael gets out of line.

Mickey's Mega Rave: I hate myself for writing this, but putting aside any Casey James-induced mishegas, I thought Kara DioGuardi's critiques were on point this week on American Idol. Finally sounding like someone who works in the music business, she made insightful song-choice suggestions and delivered her message with the right balance of toughness, knowledge and sympathy. [Editor's note: This Rave is only valid for one week.]

Adam's Mini Rant: I hear you, Mickey, but who knew it would take the worst top 24 of all time to turn Kara around? As much as I loathed Old Kara, I'd gladly go back to fast-forwarding through her critiques rather than wanting to skip 85 percent of the singing.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I find more humor in Conan's occasional tweets than in Leno's hourlong show." — Shaun Peterson, on the return of Leno

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