Kiefer Sutherland, Teri Hatcher, Carmine Giovinazzo Kiefer Sutherland, Teri Hatcher, Carmine Giovinazzo

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Who is going to die in the Desperate Housewives plane crash? — Angela S.
MICKEY: Guess what? I totally know, but I'm not going to spoil it (except to say it's not a Bolen). Instead, I'll share this: The dearly departed wills to one of the Housewives a most interesting asset. It's worth a lot, but it also carries a moral price tag.

I need scoop on CSI: NY's Danny and Lindsay! — Meg
ADAM: Even though conventional TV wisdom suggests otherwise, executive producer Pam Veasey promises that this couple will remain rock-solid. "We're not going to go the typical [route]," Veasey says. "They went through a lot to get together, and they will now go through things together. Something will happen — something has to happen in their lives. But it won't be anything tragic."

Is Katee Sackhoff going to hook up with Jack Bauer this season on 24? — Cliff
MICKEY: According to Sackhoff, her character, Dana Walsh, may not have ever hooked up. Dana is actually engaged to Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr.), and Sackhoff thinks they might be waiting until after the wedding to seal the deal. "I don't know if Dana is going to get it on in the 24 hours that she has," Sackhoff tells us. "I think that it might be a little more clean than that."

How will Dell react to Heather blowing up his house on Private Practice? — Belinda
ADAM: It's not going to be pretty. In fact, it might bring on some massive character changes. "You see a darker side of Dell," Chris Lowell tells us. "Up until now, Dell has always been searching for the good and the right and the positive. He just gets ugly in this episode. All his merciful tendencies go out the door, especially toward Heather. He just wants her to die."

I'm liking 90210 again. Any scoop? — Mitchell
MICKEY: Keep the Kleenex on standby, Mitchell, because we're going to have ourselves a good old-fashioned suicide attempt in the zip code! Without sounding morbid, the offing method is pretty cool, and while it won't be successful, it will spell the end of one main character's time on the show.

I just finished Heat Wave, and I wonder if there will be other books inspired by Castle? — Holt
ADAM: Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells me that's exactly the plan. As with Heat Wave, the writing of Castle's latest book will become integral to the show. Look for him to start working on it in the second part of Season 2. "When the second book comes out, it will contain moments that are familiar to our loyal viewers," Marlowe says. "Richard Castle will be talking about the writing process in the back nine [episodes]. There will be moments where he references what he's working on in the book, and we hope to tie it all together. It's been an exciting component to the show, and the fans have really responded to it."

Any Vampire Diaries scoop? — Ronnie
MICKEY: What if I were to tell you that Elena will soon find herself in the romantic company of a Salvatore brother not named Stefan? Said Salvatore introduces her to a friend who allowed himself to be "turned" by his vampire lover, which gets the hamster wheels in Elena's pretty, pretty head spinning.

Now that Criminal Minds has wrapped up the Reaper storyline, can we please get more of the characters besides Hotch? — Cecille
ADAM: Ask and you shall receive. Executive producer Ed Bernero promises much more of Dr. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler, who has been sidelined because of a real-life injury) in the back half of the season. "There were some things we had planned for him that we had to just back off of. The guy is there every day for work, he just can't walk." Fine, so maybe we can expect some shirtless Morgan (Shemar Moore) in the meantime? "Anytime we can get Shemar's shirt off, it's a boon for us," Bernero says.

Is Better Off Ted coming back? I haven't heard anything, and I really liked that show. — Tom
MICKEY: Ted will be back on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 9:30/8:30c, and Veridian Dynamics is playing matchmaker for its employees. You'd think that flirty Ted and Linda would be a natural pair, right? Well, they might be — if Taye Diggs doesn't show up. But he does.

What's going to happen to baby Abel on Sons of Anarchy? — Lina
ADAM: Season 3 may be months away, but creator Kurt Sutter already has some ideas. And they don't bode well for Abel, or for Jax and Tara's relationship. "[I want] to explore what happens to a couple when they're faced with a tragedy like that," Sutter says. "To be honest with you, I don't know where it's going to go. Does Tara blame herself? Does Tara blame Jax? Does Jax blame Tara? But that will be a very real dynamic in their relationship."

So is Michael the Melrose Place killer since he had the bloody necklace in his car? — Sharon Dee
MICKEY: "Someone is going down," says Shaun Sipos, who plays David, the necklace-finder. "If it wasn't for David, the killer would still be at large." Sipos stops short of identifying his TV dad as the killer, emphasizing that while David's motives might be ethically dubious, his heart's in the right place. "He's helping the police because he really cared about Sydney," he says.

Any Dexter scoop? — Phillip
ADAM: This week's penultimate episode hinges on Christine and what she may or may not say in the interrogation room. Meanwhile, Dexter will try to buy some time by framing someone else as the Trinity Killer, who will leave behind a few dead Kyle Butlers along the way to learning Dexter's secret identity.

Adam's Mega Rave: Lest any doubters remain, the Season 2 finale of Sons of Anarchy proved that the show is about much more than motorcycle-riding gun smugglers. From Jax collapsing into the arms of his season-long nemesis, Clay, to Clay and the rest of the gang dropping their quest for vengeance when a brother is in need, the 90-minute episode was a compelling reminder that for SAMCRO — and the show — family always comes first.

Mickey's Mini Rant: What has Marc Cherry done to my beloved Colleen McMurphy? Katherine Mayfair would never cut herself for a man!

Reader Quote of the Week: "Comedy chops? Does she own acting chops?!" — sharontatefan4ever on Nicole Richie's plans to star in a sitcom

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