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What can you tease about the two-hour episode of Private Practice? —Jessica
As you might expect on an episode about Amelia's intervention, her brother Derek Shepherd will make an appearance! It won't mean things go smoothly though, as Amelia will turn the tables on her friends by exploiting their faults — Addison's inability to have a child, Pete's recent heart attack — causing two of the bunch to have very Izzie-like reactions.

I'd love some good Castle scoop. — Mike
Sounds like Castle and Beckett are going to be working closely with a Kim Kardashian type. I hear the show is looking for a big-name guest star to play a reality TV star and tabloid darling who has achieved massive, mostly unexplainable fame. Although the starlet generally enjoys the flashbulbs, she's grown tired of the gossip blogs, one of which is offering a million bucks for the first nude picture of her. (Psst, Castle! Just take a screenshot from the sex tape!)

Will Travis help Dexter take down Gellar on Dexter? —Mitchell
Travis will stop playing follow the leader when he pays the ultimate price for abandoning Gellar. The latest DDK victim will, in a bizarre way, become a catalyst for Deb to reevaluate her own relationship with Dexter.

How are Kevin and Garcia doing on Criminal Minds? Is Nicholas Brendon going to drop by again soon? — Michelle
They're still going strong, and you'll see just how strong soon. The plan is for Kevin to visit in the 13th episode of the season in a very revealing way. "[Garcia's] shower gets used a lot," Kirsten Vangsness tells us. "Of all the characters, who has gotten the most action? Garcia! All I'm saying is that maybe that continues."

Will Adam and Cassie ever get together on The Secret Circle? —Sammy
Here's some good news for Adam and Cassie 'shippers: Executive producer Andrew Miller says their sparks will ignite when the show returns in January. "It won't be on the backburner for long," he says, noting that Jake's absence will open new possibilities. The bad news: Cassie's journey toward the dark side of magic will change her as a person.

What else can you tell us about Detective Amaro's wife coming to SVU? — Debbie
Danny Pino tells us that it might not be a warm-and-fuzzy reunion. "She is deployed in Iraq, and there's a looming question as to where they stand in their relationship," he says. "They're going to have to open that Pandora's Box of what they've been holding back for years and years. So, that might lead to some volatile exchanges."

Got any scoop on Happy Endings? —James
Wonder how the gang will celebrate Valentine's Day? Let's examine the hearts and flowers. First up, Alex will have her own Julia Roberts Pretty Woman fantasy. Aw. (But remember, Vivian was a hooker.) Alex's jilted fiancé Dave, meanwhile, will have a chance to spread his love to many people when he pursues a time-honored V.D. tradition: a threesome! Isn't it romantic?

Can you tell us anything else about Hodgins' visit to The Finder? — Janice
It's out of this world. When Hodgins — who never met a conspiracy theory he wouldn't investigate — meets a former space shuttle pilot who claims to have seen a UFO during one of his final flights, he gets to work, digging for the truth. But when the astronaut's co-pilot mysteriously dies, Hodgins' eyewitness goes into hiding. If only there were a man with the ability to locate any person or thing anywhere in the world handy... Oh, wait!

What's coming up on Pretty Little Liars? —Nikki  
The Halloween prequel showed us that good guy Lucas has an evil side, and it looks like the PLLs will soon discover it. "There's a big reveal coming up for Lucas ... [he's] getting scarier and scarier," executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells us. Could this be related to the other big hints Goldstick offered about the rest of Season 2? "Somebody is getting arrested and somebody is getting killed."

Will Danielle find out that Auggie's in the CIA too on Covert Affairs? — Heather
Danielle's still coming to terms with Annie's big secret, but once she does, she might have some suspicions about the other people in her sister's life, including Auggie. "That was one of my questions. What's going to happen to Auggie?" Christopher Gorham tells us. "Does she find out that Auggie also works for the CIA? Would she automatically assume that he did? ... We found a great way to deal with that question in the [Season 2 finale]. It's going to set up Season 3 in a really interesting way."

I'm so excited that Jules and Grayson are getting married on Cougar Town! What's coming up for the rest of the Cul-de-Sac Crew? — Esmeralda
NATALIE: Laurie is branching out this season by opening up a bakery! (But let's be real, when's the last time she showed a house for Jules' real estate company anyway?) She'll also see a spike in her personal life when she begins dating a soldier stationed in Iraq — and by dating we mean Skyping.

It's been fun seeing Madeline get in on the action on Burn Notice this season. Is she a temporary or more permanent addition to the group? — Troy
With big bad Anson on the loose, the team needs all the help they can get. Thankfully, Mama Westen is up for the challenge. "Madeline becomes a very integral into the workings of trying to bring Anson down," Gabrielle Anwar tells us. "She becomes part of the team in much more concise ways than ever before. Every time that the team has relied on her to come through, she's always come through."

Natalie's Mega Rave: As the elevator doors closed, Amelia defiantly showed Charlotte the second prescription pad she snuck past her. It was a chilling face-off. Private Practice's talented supporting cast has come to the fore, and we welcome it.  Maybe now the Emmys will notice too.

Adam's Mini Rant: We love Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girl, and we get why Charlie is in her employ, but what the heck is Nate doing playing tabloid reporter? Someone please find this kid another story line!

(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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