Archie Panjabi, Michael C. Hall, Candice Accola Archie Panjabi, Michael C. Hall, Candice Accola

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I need some Good Wife scoop! Anything on Kalinda? — Brittany
Archie Panjabi says viewers will get new insight into Kalinda's relationship with Will. "The two of them look out for each other a lot," Panjabi says. "I think we'll definitely get to see that in Season 3. They used to spend a lot of time drinking in bars." Given what we now know about Kalinda's history with Peter, we certainly hope nothing happened after those drinks.

Please give us scoop on the new season of Dexter! — Mitchell
The season premiere opens on a bleeding Dexter calling 911 to report that he has been stabbed. Has someone finally discovered his secret and exacted a poetic revenge? Did he slip in a pool of someone else's blood and fall on his own knife? Will he analyze his own spatter pattern while he waits for the ambulance to arrive? Nope, nope and nope.

Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries' Tyler and Caroline? — Sarah
The sexual tension between this werewolf-vampire pairing is about to bubble over. "There's a lot brewing underneath that friendship that's been simmering all summer," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. "[We'll see] them deal with that and then maybe act on what's been brewing. [They're] particularly fiery." Here's to some hot interspecies sex!

How does CSI deal with Laurence Fishburne's exit? After all, Langston was a part of the cliff-hanger. — Matthew
The Season 12 premiere quickly confronts how serial killer Nate Haskell's death by Langston's hand will impact the team. Langston may be the only one who gets a happy ending, including a second chance with his ex-wife back in Baltimore. Meanwhile, his recklessness forces the rest of the team to do their jobs much more by the book. That doesn't sit well with Catherine, who takes her anger out on Nick.

What's coming up in the final season premiere of Desperate Housewives? —Marley
Believe it or not, death strikes again in Fairview in the season-opener. While everyone else deals (not so well) with their role in covering up the murder of Gaby's stepfather, it's Susan who will take both deaths the hardest when she breaks down in front of a group of strangers — well, almost all of them are strangers.

So Bones cast its villain. What else can you tell me about him? — Kevin
As you might imagine, Booth isn't Christopher Pellant's biggest fan. (Lest we forget, his hacking of the Department of Defense's website put soldiers in danger.) But even though he's a nuisance (not to mention potentially deadly), Pellant believes his actions bring awareness to weaknesses in our government's security.  So that totally makes murder OK, right?

Thanks for the SVU scoop, but what are Finn and Munch up to this season? — Jeremy
  "I want Munch to do what Munch does best," executive producer Warren Leight tells us. "Munch in the only person in that room who questions the NYPD or the D.A.'s office. He's also been a detective for a very long time, so that's a guy who is in a position to mentor." As for Finn, look for the second episode to give us more information about his gay son Ken. Plus: Finn will partner with Benson more in Stabler's absence.

Got any scoop on the new season of Cougar Town? — Bart
Not only are Jules and Grayson set to tie the knot, but remember how Grayson really wanted to have children? Well, he may get his wish... just not with Jules. It seems a woman he had a one-night stand with before he started dating the queen of the Cul-de-Sac Crew has a kid now.

It's been a while since you've given us anything good on The Mentalist. — Marie
Did you enjoy Simon Baker's directorial debut last year? If so, you'll be happy to know that he's stepping back behind the camera for a November sweeps episode that introduces a new recurring FBI agent. I hear she knows how to get what she wants without causing too much friction, but she's sure to bruise some egos when she takes over a case that Jane and Lisbon bungle.

Will anyone know that Adrianna tried to commit suicide on 90210? — Jaime
"She lets Silver know, but obviously Silver doesn't believe her," Jessica Lowndes tells us. To be fair, Ade will really try to turn things around. "It's a very genuine thing. She definitely hit rock bottom and realized she had to change. This year, she's going to try to get back in with the gang. She's not really accepted right off the bat. People don't want to hear it, don't want to deal with her and they don't trust her, but she's slowly getting back in there. Silver is her No. 1 focus right now, to gain her trust back."

How long will The Closer stretch out this new lawsuit against Brenda? — Danielle
Creator James Duff tells us that that story will wrap up by the end of the short run of winter episodes. But Goldman's lawsuit won't be half as annoying as that pesky leak in Brenda's division. "Her job will be harder. Her life will be more complicated," Duff says. "She must work with people peering over her shoulder and with the certain knowledge that anything and everything she does can be relayed to people outside the LAPD in a toxic way."

Is there any chance Nikita and Alex will reconcile on Nikita? —James
Based on what Nikita does to Alex in the premiere — which is slightly less harsh than killing her father, but more hurtful than, say, planting her in the depths of Division as a mole — it's not looking good. Still, Maggie Q says there is hope for the fractured pair. "There is a glimpse of trust coming back, but there's so many factors and things that will come out about what Alex wants and what her goals are," she says. "She's got tunnel vision, what Nikita had in the first season, and nothing else matters but revenge."

Adam's Mega Rave: While I'm as concerned as anyone about the behind-the-scenes kerfuffle on The Walking Dead, the excellent Season 2 premiere is as much gory, intense fun as anything the show has done to date. Just be sure to keep your barf bag handy.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Killing Tara in the True Blood finale was gutsy, but finding out the next day that Rutina Wesley is returning to the show next season negates the moment's narrative power.  

(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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