Alison DiLaurentis is finally getting out of jail on the Pretty Little Liars premiere, and she'll soon be making a new friend within the police department.

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Sasha Pieterse tells that new character Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey) is very much a love interest and says, "It's really healthy for Alison to be with someone who doesn't know about her. Emison [Emily and Alison] will always live on in spirit, but I think it's important too for fans to know that your childhood crush doesn't always pan out; that's not always the reality. People have to move on and this is very refreshing [for] Alison and it's honest and genuine and it isn't something she expected to deal with, especially after everything going on in her life right now."

As for Alison's other very important relationship - and the revelation that Charles is A - she says, "I can reveal Charles is definitely related [to Alison], which comes as a shock to everyone. There are a lot of questions that arise from that, like, where did he come from and why did no one know about him?"

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