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Last season, Orphan Black sent in the male clones, and when the sci-fi drama returns for its third season (Saturday, April 18 at 9/8c ib BBC America), viewers will learn more about how Project Castor differs from the female clone experiment Project Leda, which introduced us to Sarah & Co. (Tatiana Maslany).

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For one, all of the Castor clones were raised self-aware and in the military. "We don't have the reveal of, 'Oh, you're clones,'" Ari Millen, who plays the Castor clones, told "But what we do have is the camaraderie, the brotherhood, the frat-boy-esque [relationship]. We're a very close-knit unit, so the fun part for me was finding how these guys jerk around with each other and how they can express their brotherhood."

As science and Orphan Black have taught us, however, no two clones are alike. In a clip shown earlier this month at the Television Critics Association winter previews, the scary, scarred clone Rudy talks to Sarah and refers to his brother clone Mark — the Prolethean who terrorized Sarah and Helena before eloping with Gracie (Zoe De Grand'Maison), the daughter of a Prolethean religious leader — as "the wild one."

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So, could Mark be trouble for the brotherhood? "Mark very much wants a simple life," Millen said. "He wants out of Castor, he just wants a family, everything he doesn't have. Moving forward we're going to see that the things he wants aren't going to come easily."

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