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Orphan Black Season 3 Scoop: New Scarface Clone, Felix's BFF... and a Scorpion?

Get a sneak peek of the new clone!

Hanh Nguyen

Meet Orphan Black's scariest male clone, "Scarface."

On Orphan Black's new season, which kicks off Saturday, April 18 at 9/8c on BBC America, the "seestrahood" will have to contend with Project Castor, the brother clone project of Project Leda that produced Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena and Rachel (all played by Tatiana Maslany).

Watch the trailer for Orphan Black Season 3

Viewers will recall that Mark ( Ari Millen )-- the Prolethean who terrorized Sarah and then later married Gracie (Zoe De Grand'Maison), the daughter of a Prolethean religious leader -- was revealed to be a clone in last season's finale.

Now Orphan Black has released a picture of "Scarface" (also Millen) at the Television Critics Association winter previews on Saturday. "Scarface" (actual name: Rudy) is a highly lethal, Mohawk-wearing fellow raised as part of Project Castor's self-aware, military-trained clones.

"He likes to get under people's skin. He'll pick at you until you blow up and then he's won," Millen said of Rudy at the winter preview panel. Creator John Fawcettadded, "Rudy is a threat to the girls, a dangerous character who is very smart and ruthless. He's seen some action. He's a trained fighter."

Check out more scoop from the panel and a teaser reel that was shown to critics:

A new Leda clone? The closing image of the teaser is of someone who looks like another Project Leda clone with a puffy brown 'do. Is she a new clone? Sarah on a bad hair day? A wig-wearing Helena? Unfortunately, we won't get answers until April.

Sarah meets Rudy In the reel, Sarah tells Rudy that she met Mark, whom he describes as "the wild one." Rudy seems fascinated with her. "You're a legend, Sarah Manning. You're made of the good stuff, aren't you?" he says, before closing with the warning, "Sarah, count your sisters!" Ooh!

Project Castor's origins Fawcett claims the male clone faction had been planned from the beginning. When they cast Millen as Mark as the Prolethean, they knew they had their Castor clone. Maslany said that having him play the Castor clone was a no-brainer, but that it also lightened her load a little in that "it gave me a chance to have some three-day weekends."

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New characters Fawcett teased a new character played by James Frain who will be a threat to the Leda clones. Jason Kellerman (Shameless' Justin Chatwin), Alison's former high school flame, pops up to come between her and Donnie. More details about the new characters can be found here.

Helena vs. Paul In the teaser, Helena is in jail. But that doesn't stop her from bugging Paul (Dylan Bruce) through the bars. At another point we also see a scorpion crawling on her. Fawcett gave this odd tease: "The scorpion is a cast member." He was dead-serious.

People's choice clone Although most passersby call Maslany "Sarah" by default, she says it depends on the demographic. Younger women will call her "Cosima," while middle-aged couples call her "Alison." "Not Helena, not surprisingly," Maslany added.

Felix's new BFF Move over, Alison! Fawcett says Cosima is spending quite a bit of time at Felix's loft. Jordan Gavaris, who plays Felix, commented, "They do share this thing together, not to reduce them to their sexuality. There's no disparity between them. She treats him like a friend."Cal's back! In the teaser, we see Cal (Michiel Huisman) and Sarah share a smooch. Hooray! We wonder is he's back in Kira's life.

More clone projects? Fawcett non-answered, "As much as [executive producer Graeme Manson] and I have a master plan, we're always open to deviations." Orphan Black returns on Saturday, April 18 at 9/8c on BBC America.