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What sort of fallout can we expect from Piper and Pennsatucky's fight on Orange is the New Black— Brittany 
We already know that Piper lands in solitary — and goes a little off the deep end.But get this, it turns outthat Piper and Pennsatucky weren't the only ones involved in the brawl. As you'll see in flashbacks, someone else joins the fight, leaving Piper bruised but grateful.

Poor Stefan was so distraught at the end of The Vampire Diaries finale. Will he ever recover? — Cathy 
At least he's got Caroline, right? Unfortunately, that relationship won't necessarily fill the void left by the disappearance of his brother Damon. "It's really a character-defining journey for [Stefan], and it'll change him quite a lot," executive producer Julie Plec says. "At what point does he decide to give up or keep searching for answers?" Well, that doesn't sound very promising for Damon now, does it?

Since Donal Logue is on Fox's new show Gotham, what does this mean for his SVU character? — Kristina 
Executive producer Warren Leight says Wednesday's season finale will include "something like an exit" for Logue's Declan Murphy, but the door will be left open for him to return. But is Amaro on his way out too? I hear that Munch's return in the finale is related to Amaro's arrest —but even he may not be able to right all Amaro's wrongs.

Fitz told Simmons he loves her! Does that mean they'll get together next season on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.— Priya
Not so fast! Did you notice that when Simmons kissed Fitz, she smooched him everywhere but on his actual mouth? "Clearly, any time one person says something and a person doesn't reciprocate, it changes things," executive producer Jeffrey Bell tells me. "It's safe to say there will be consequences." Further complicating matters: Producers want to keep Agent Triplett around.

Do you have any scoop on Sleepy Hollow— Charlie
Throughout the first season, we watched as Ichabod acclimated to life in present-day America. Now it's Katrina's turn. More importantly, her history with Headless will help explain what the Horseman actually wants. Speaking of the Four Horsemen, we'll also get flashbacks to Jeremy's life before he crossed paths with Dear Old Dad. "There's a lot to be filled in from the five years between his wake-up until now, so you'll see quite a bit," executive producer Alex Kurtzman says.

With Tom out of the picture, is there any chance that Liz will get a new love interest on The Blacklist? Maybe Ressler? —Taru 
It's possible! But it's not at the top of her to-do list. "I see her as somebody who has just gone through this horrible relationship and betrayal and I would expect her to respond to that in her own life," creator Jon Brokenkamp tells me. "Whether that's a rebound or finding somebody else or going off on her own, she's got some soul searching to do. Who is she? She's at a place now where Liz has to confront that."

I loved the Person of Interest finale, but where does the show go from here? — Mel
Now that our heroes have assumed fake identities and gone into hiding, they'll have to get real jobs! "Now you've got to be Clark Kent — you've got to be the regular guy," executive producer Jonathan Nolan says. "Shaw's going to have a day job and co-workers, and so are Reese and Finch. That can be great fun and [is] also a grounded aspect of the show versus this titanic battle taking place around them." Fortunately, Root won't let Finch & Co. stay on the sidelines forever. "Our Machine's in a lot of trouble," Nolan says. "Samaritan's the bigger, tougher kid on the block. Root is going to be key to keeping our team alive and [focusing] on the question of how they put the genie back in the bottle."

What's coming up for Antonio on the Chicago P.D. finale after his near-death experience? — Lucas 
Although he's physically healing from his gunshot wound, he still has a long way to go emotionally, especially when it comes to his marriage. "[Antonio's] marriage is starting to wobble a little bit," executive producer Matt Olmstead says. "This is the second time he's been shot on the job and he needs to make a choice: Does he go off to the suburbs or does he stay and do what he really loves to do?" Whatever choice Antonio makes, it won't be a quick fix: Olmstead promises these issues will linger throughout the next season.
Do you have more scoop on Under the Dome— Maria 
One of the show's new characters (newcomer Grace Victoria Cox) will make quite a splash (!) when Julia is forced to rescue her from the lake. Even stranger, she seems to appear out of thin air. Could her mysterious introduction be connected to why the dome has suddenly become magnetized? "Why she came out of the water and what she was doing there will be revealed," executive producer Neal Baer teases.

Thanks for the Graceland scoop last week. Got more? — Andy
When the show returns, plenty of things will have changed in the house. In particular, a new housemate is staying in Mike's old room. However, there's also an entirely different kind of bed-sharing going on, if you know what I'm sayin'. Also, by the second episode, one of the original roommates may be moving out.

Does Oliver really have feelings for Felicity on Arrow— Kat
Stephen Amell seems to think so! Even though Oliver's admission of love for his galpal was just a ruse in the moment, Amell says those words "came from an honest place." Unfortunately, Oliver will have more pressing matters to deal with next season. "One of the themes of Season 3 is rebuilding," executive producer Marc Guggnehim tells me. "Getting Queen Consolidated back is a piece of it."

I'm worried about why Ron Swanson wasn't in that final scene on Parks and Recreation?! — Kenya 
Don't worry, Ron will be back! (Only those working for Leslie were shown in the flash-forward.) However, Ron's life may not be so stable — especially since he'll be dealing with teenagers now! "The reality is that if you're content in life, you're never content for long," executive producer Mike Schur says. "The fact that he has a home life that is very satisfying doesn't mean that there are no new challenges for Ron Swanson."

Mega Rave: Though I didn't cry as much as I thought I would, Sandra Oh's Grey's Anatomy send-off moved me just the right amount by calling back to the good ol' days when all one needed to do was dance it out. You will be missed, Cristina Yang.

Mini Rant: Not that I'd wish a relapse on anyone, but Elementary's season finale would've had more of an impact if Sherlock had started using again.

This week's recommendation: The Americans (Wednesday at 10/9c on FX) The season finale of the period spy drama will finally answer the question of who killed the Connors — and, seriously, it's so shocking that I didn't see it coming at all!

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