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Mega Buzz: Once Upon a Time Cordially Invites You to a Royal Ball

Who could be the guest of honor?

Hanh Nguyen

Camelot isn't all about being a knight and sitting at round tables.

On Once Upon a Time this season, our friends will also attend a society event. "I can tell you Episode 2 is a ball at Camelot," co-creator Edward Kitsis tells TVGuide.com. "Eduardo [Castro], our fantastic costume designer, re-created it. It looks unlike anything we've done on the show before. It's spectacular."

The ball will also feature a guest of honor. Although the producers wouldn't reveal who that would be, we have a couple of guesses, starting with Prince Charming, whom Josh Dallas revealed would "bro out" with King Arthur. "We're going to see how their relationship comes to be," co-creator Adam Horowitz says. Kitsis adds, "I would say it's a bromance that's just as special as Arthur and Guinevere."

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Then again, maybe it's a certain red-haired lass with boss archery skills. Kitsis says, "This is the show where the Wicked Witch is sisters with the Evil Queen and they also know Cruella DeVil, so what a bummer if we had King Arthur and he never got to meet Merida (Amy Manson)." Horowitz adds, "There's a mash-up quality in what Merida's going through, what's happening in Camelot what's happening with King Arthur and what's happening with all our characters."

How do you think Merida and Camelot will mesh? Are you excited to see the ball?

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8|7c on ABC.

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