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Mega Buzz: Will Merida Be Brave Enough to Help Emma on Once?

Plus: See who will "bro out" with King Arthur!

Hanh Nguyen

Fans of Brave won't have to wait long to see Merida on Once Upon a Time. The Scottish princess, who was revealed at Comic-Con to be joining the show this season, will make her first appearance in the premiere this fall.

Being Human and Torchwood star Amy Manson will play the strong-willed redheaded lass. "She's already shot some stuff," co-creator Adam Horowitz told a group of reporters at Comic-Con. "She becomes very much a part of the story as we pick up with Emma being the Dark One and Emma's family trying to help her not be the Dark One."

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When last we left Storybrooke, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) had made the sacrifice to become the Dark One, leaving her friends and family behind to figure out how to save her. It remains to be seen how Merida will be instrumental in meeting this challenge, but she will get a chance to show off her archery skills. "You don't bring Merida on and not let her shoot her weapon," co-creator Edward Kitsis said, "Merida really fits in. You see her with Snow, you see her with Ruby, you see her with anyone."

In order to help Emma, her family learned last season that they needed to find Merlin, which is why the Camelot story line will also play a big part in the year to come. Lancelot will return to the show, which recently also cast King Arthur, Merlin and Guinevere. The producers confirm that we'll see a few other knights and of course the iconic Round Table. "Camelot is going to be a huge part of the Charmings' life, particularly Charming," Josh Dallas, who plays Charming, said. "You're going to see him bro out with King Arthur in a big way. You're also going to see Charming at his most heroic, which is going to be fun."

How do you think Merida will help Emma's family? Is she tied to Merlin? Make your best guesses below.

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