Cote de Pablo, Nina Dobrev, Emily Deschanel Cote de Pablo, Nina Dobrev, Emily Deschanel

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Any Tony-Ziva NCIS scoop? — Rita
Executive producer Gary Glasberg says it was no accident that the fan-favorite couple ended last season in close quarters when the bomb went off at NCIS HQ. "We'll pick up with them in that elevator and, with the situation that they're in, there will be some conversations," Glasberg says. "Hopefully we'll scratch our way a little bit deeper into the relationship." What's that? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over this awesome Aerosmith song!

Will The Vampire Diaries kids actually graduate and leave Mystic Falls this year? — Jess
Put your Kleenex away: Executive producer Julie Plec says it could be a while before those decisions will be made. However, the theme of moving on and growing up will be prevalent this year. "What is that passage of adulthood for these kids who have been living these tragic lives as young adults [with] no parents, no parental supervision?" Plec says. "That's our next couple of seasons, to get them through senior year and into college... or not."

I need some Bones info to make it through the summer! — Jenny
We already know things will be tense between Booth and Brennan when the show picks up, but it sounds like the show is overhauling several key relationships. "We want to get Cam involved a new relationship," executive producer Stephen Nathan teases. Also, expect Angela and Sweets to both take a closer look at their current domestic pairings. Although Angela and Hodgins are solid, "Sweets' life will take a turn," Nathan says. "He has been very complacent. He thinks he has a very secure thing going on with Daisy, but I think we're going to try to shake things up."

I really love Ben and Bailey together. Does Jason George's role on Mistresses mean he's off Grey's Anatomy for good? — Erin
I wouldn't worry. But let's examine the facts anyway: First,  Mistresses doesn't premiere until late midseason. Second, Ben and Bailey are engaged! After Lexie's death, the show will need at least a little happiness. And finally, George has done this before. He ran off to play a doc in the jungle on Off the Map, and this time, he's even closer to home. "The beautiful thing about it is that we're on the Disney lot; it's all ABC, so they can rearrange the furniture however they want," George says. "Lisa Kudrow still popped onto Mad About You during the first one or two seasons of Friends, so I'll remind Shonda Rhimes of that."

I still can't believe Tara is a vampire! Any scoop on what's coming up for her on True Blood? — Harold
Sookie and Lafayette will certainly have their hands full this week, but lest we forget, Pam is her maker, albeit begrudgingly. Still, there may be opportunities for Tara to find allies in the vampire world. They may have been sparring in Sunday's promo, but Jessica and Tara could find a friendship. "Jessica is very lonely," Deborah Ann Woll tells us. "She's looking everywhere she can for someone to understand her and maybe there's an opportunity there with Tara."

Got any teases about the new season of Burn Notice? — Mitch
The show is looking to bring on a pretty nasty nemesis who Michael & Co. will chase to Panama as part of a CIA snatch-and-grab job. Described as cunning and merciless, this operative will have a major impact on Michael when his ruthless actions force Michael to again question the CIA after finally getting back in their good graces.

Parks and Recreation, please! — Randy
Leslie has always dreamed of being in office, but now that she's there, it may not be what she hoped for. "The fun of it is seeing what the reality is," executive producer Mike Schur tells us. "The reality is, her old job isn't all wine and roses, it's a lot of frustrating stuff and she has to press forward with her eternal optimism all the time just to do the kinds of things she wants to do. I don't think that's going to get any better as a City Councillor."

We know where Neal will be when White Collar returns, but what will happen to Peter? — Chad
After Neal's escape, Peter is put on leave by the FBI and is barred from having any role in the manhunt for Neal. (That effort will be led by guest star Mekhi Phifer). But with all that free time on his hands, why shouldn't Peter take a little tropical vacation of his own? Naturally, Peter gets mixed up in the search — but he won't be playing for the FBI.

Are Jane and Dean done on Rizzoli & Isles? — Lisa
No, Dean is still in the picture, but Jane has bigger fish to fry when her old flame Lt. Col. Casey Jones (Chris Vance) returns next week — injured — which sets up one doozy of a triangle. "There's a little more to [his injury] and she doesn't know how to react at first," Angie Harmon tells us. "She's not exactly skilled in the areas of the heart and I love the way she handles it. But Dean is certainly in there, which is problematic, and her heart's telling her one thing and she has to figure out if she's acting accordingly or not."

Sad to hear about the casting changes on Body of Proof. What can you tell me about the new characters? — Deb
Police detective Tommy Sullivan has transferred to Philadelphia in order to rekindle his relationship with Megan. Even though he cheated on her 20 years ago, Megan still finds Tommy hard to resist. Perhaps standing in the way of a reunion is Tommy having to babysit his new partner, who joined the force to stick it to his high-profile defense attorney father. He's super-green, but, to Tommy's chagrin, thinks he's got it all figured out.

What's coming up on American Horror Story? —Rosie
In addition to Voldemort's brother being cast as the boss of the nuthouse, one of the many patients we'll meet is a man suffering from Tourette's syndrome. It's a shame the producers want a man, because we know who'd be perfect casting! (Only click if you love profane language and Amy Poehler.)

I know it's early, but do you have some Season 2 scoop on Up All Night? — Val
I do: The NBC series is beefing up its casting for Season 2 by introducing Reagan's younger brother, Sam. The polar opposite of his sis, Sam knows just how to push Reagan's buttons. He's a good-looking, laid-back contractor who's good with his hands but not so much with the brains. Interestingly, he has a 5-year-old son of his own, though his parenting style is... unconventional. Hmm, we hear Jake Lacy is available.

Natalie's Mega Rave: We are truly excited that Tara is now a vampire on True Blood. Sure, she's always been an angry, loudmouthed sad sack, but with her newly installed fangs, her bark will now be as vicious as her bite — especially with Pam as her maker.

Adam's Mini Rant: After she "Zou Bisou Bisou"-ed her way into my heart, I quickly fell out of love with Mad Men's Megan. As such, spending all that time on her acting woes in the finale left me hoping that Don would cheat on her.

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(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng and  Robyn Ross)