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Mega Buzz: Will Jamie Believe Claire's Time-Traveling Tale on Outlander?

See what Sam Heughan told us!

Robyn Ross

[Spoiler alert: The following reveals details from the first Outlander book. Read at your own risk.]

How will Outlander's Jamie respond when Claire is forced to tell him the truth about where she came from? Surprisingly well!

In an upcoming episode, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will fight for her life yet again. While -- unnecessary spoiler alert! -- Claire survives the ordeal, it will leave Jamie (Sam Heughan) with a lot of questions. With no better time to reveal the insane-sounding, time-bending truth, Claire explains everything to a shockingly calm Jamie.

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"He always knew she had a secret," Heughan tells TVGuide.com about the pivotal scene. "So, when she finally reveals [she's from the future], he says he believes her; he trusts her word. Whether or not he can get his head around the enormity of what that actually means, that takes a long time. But ultimately they have this bond and he trusts her and she trusts him and that's an amazing thing."

Such sweet love. If only it were smooth sailing from there!

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