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Bree isn't really going to kill herself on Desperate Housewives, is she? — Brandi
Probably not. It may look dire now, but in the coming weeks, she's going to slut it up all over town, which is actually what brings Kyle MacLachlan's Orson back into the picture. We're hearing that when barfly Bree refuses the advances of a particularly aggressive patron, Orson shows up to save the day! Could there be a happily-ever-after in the cards for these two?

When is the baby going to be born on Bones? — Gina
It certainly won't be before the recently delayed "fall finale," but when the show returns in the spring, Booth and an about-to-pop Brennan will be touring maternity wards. In the same episode, since it's Bones, they'll also visit a prison, where they'll investigate an inmate's death. Can you guess which environment, cleanliness-wise, would be most conducive to childbirth? (Not so fast!)

Got any scoop on the holiday episode of Chuck? — Henry
'Tis the season for mistletoe, and boy, will there be a lot of smooching going on! Not only will Chuck kiss another woman, but Sarah will kiss another man. But that won't be the biggest secret that she's hiding from her hubby. There's another that will change the dynamic of their relationship forever.

I am really digging Person of Interest. Got any scoop? — Shawn
Thursday's hour is all about Taraji P. Henson's Detective Carter, who just so happens to be the next name Finch's magic machine spits out. You'll see her time in Iraq and meet for the first time a couple of people she holds in high esteem, one of whom is a criminal informant. Things get extra sticky, though, when Reese — whom Carter has been chasing all season — must choose between saving Carter's life and exposing himself.

Who is Mercedes going to choose on Glee: Sam or Shane? — Geoff
Despite Sam's abs (which will be on full display when he joins McKinley's synchronized swimming team in an attempt to win Mercedes back), Shane's got the edge. Chord Overstreet tells us that in Episode 10, the two boys will finally come face to face, but the showdown won't last long. "We just shot a scene where I'm talking to Mercedes, and Shane just grabs her mid-conversation and they walk away together," Overstreet reveals. So, without a word, Shane shows Sam who's boss? "Basically," he says.

What else can you tell me about Ryan Kwanten's guest spot on New Girl? —Jaclyn
As you know, Jess meets Kwanten's Oliver when she's out at a bar on Valentine's Day with Schmidt. But it isn't exactly a done deal. For some reason, the whole gang heads back to Oliver's place, where they find Oliver's ex, who is described as an Amy Winehouse type who has a bit of a thing for Schmidt. I say: No, no, no!

Why hasn't Ted told Barney he saw him cleaning up the rose petals and candles in Robin's room yet on How I Met Your Mother? — Eric
ADAM: Don't worry: The writers haven't forgotten about that little detail. "Ted's going to keep that to himself for now, but we'll see that come back in Episodes 15, 16 and 17," co-creator Craig Thomas tells us. "He's going to... make that known." In fact, it's all part of a juicy arc about Ted and Robin living together. Remember how Victoria warned that their cohabitation would complicate Ted's love life? "Victoria was right, so that will all come back around," Thomas says.

Now that Ben and Leslie are back together on Parks & Recreation, will her ex try to stir up trouble? — Kate
NATALIE: That's exactly what Dave (Louis C.K.) is going to do. When Ben and Leslie seek Dave's help in getting the police department's endorsement for her campaign, Dave will confess that he's still in love with her. He'll do anything to get Leslie back, which includes trying to one-up Ben and prove he's the better man.

All I want for Christmas is Hawaii Five-0 scoop! — Linda
Get ready to meet Danny's old partner from New Jersey! But this won't be a happy reunion. You see, Danny once testified against his former pal, who Danny suspected of stealing money and drugs from crime scenes. That landed him in the slammer for 10 years, where he's been plotting a nasty bit of revenge. Yeah, but how does he look with his shirt off?

When will we find out which fairy tale character the Sheriff is on Once Upon a Time? And will we recognize him? — John
"I would say you would know exactly who he is and what his role is when you find out," executive producer Edward Kitsis promises. As for your first question, since it appears the mysterious sheriff is not long for this world, I'm guessing we'll find out very soon — like this week.

The previews for next week's Homeland look intense! What can you tell me? — Daniel
As the promos hint, the episode, fittingly titled "The Vest," centers on Brody's acquisition of a specially outfitted piece of clothing you only wear once. (You know, because you die in it.) It will be an explosive (heh) episode for sure, but don't sign Brody's death certificate just yet. I hear that there's more than one vest.

I want scoop on at least one of my three favorite shows: SVU, Happy Endings or NCIS. Thanks. — Justin
A future episode will be about an attempt to bust an underground sex ring in a Chinese restaurant. The kicker? I'm talking about Happy Endings!

Adam's Mega Rave: After a slow start, this excellent season of Boardwalk Empire has been moving like that train in Jimmy's incestuous flashback. Crazy? Yes, but the show earned that moment and executed it in a way that was believable, not exploitative.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Imaginary kids? Come on, How I Met Your Mother!

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