Chyler Leigh, David Boreanaz, Marcia Cross Chyler Leigh, David Boreanaz, Marcia Cross

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Will Mark and Lexie ever get back together on Grey's Anatomy? — Jeannie
Just because Jackson and Lexie broke up doesn't mean that Lexie will go running back to Mark, particularly since he isn't single at the moment. Yes, Julia will still very much be in the picture when Grey's returns in January, though don't expect Lexie to throw any more softballs at her chest — not literal softballs anyway.

Can you tell us anything about next week's Bones? I heard that David Boreanaz killed it! — montgomerysloan, via Twitter
How did you hear that? (Do tell.) I can confirm that Booth will receive some very tragic news from his grandfather, and Boreanaz's performance is pretty devastating. Fortunately, Booth has a great support system in Brennan, who will keep her usual iciness in check. But will she be able to keep her bangin' new pregnancy body in check??? Yeah, the episode won't be all tears.

I'm kind of dreading Bree's relapse on Desperate Housewives. Please tell me they'll get it over with quick. -- Isabel
How to put this? Alcohol, it turns out, is Bree's gateway drug. Next stop: Slutsville! Yes, believe it or not, Mrs. Van De Kamp-If-You're-Nasty is going to have quite a few notches in her bedpost by the time this phase is over. Unfortunately, she won't learn the error of her ways until she bumps into one of her one-night-stands... at church... with his wife! 

Just tell us who American Horror Story's Rubber Man is already! — Tim
Where's the fun in that? OK, fine. It's someone you know pretty well, and if you paid close attention to the Halloween episodes, you already know who's inside the gimp suit. (Still, it's a bit shocking. And gross.)

I'm so glad Ben and Leslie are back together. Any hope for the other couples on Parks & Recreation? — Nina and Deb
Sadly, no. Chris and Millicent's budding relationship isn't going anywhere serious, which might make you think that an Ann-Chris reunion is in the works. But actually, it's a different guy at whom she takes a second look.

Got any good NCIS scoop? — Robert
When a local homicide cop's wife ends up dead, he literally makes a federal case out of it. But when the investigation doesn't produce immediate results, the cop threatens to find the killer himself and deliver his own brand of justice. Think Gibbs might have any advice for him on that front?

What's going to happen now that Rick knows that Lori slept with Shane on The Walking Dead? — Jim
You won't find out in Sunday's midseason finale, as the survivors will otherwise be occupied with, you know, zombies and stuff. But Sarah Wayne Callies thinks that, after some speed bumps, Rick's discovery is actually a good thing. "Lori's having a much harder time putting it out of her mind and putting Shane out of her mind than she ever would've anticipated given that it was really just a purely physical thing at its inception," she says. "It actually opens the door for things to begin to heal for them."

How long before we see the effects of Beckett's most recent confession to her shrink on Castle? — Whitney
Well, don't expect her to run straight into Castle's arms. After all, we're pretty sure that secret he's keeping from her will rear its ugly head at some point. But Stana Katic remains optimistic, despite the obstacles. "The more the characters grow, the more undeniable it will be that the two of them are just going to be together," she says. "It's a natural progression. It's not a matter of teasing the audience; it's just a matter of fully fleshing out the characters and [then] it'll just happen. It will have to."

I really wish Once Upon a Time would do more with Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito. — Elaine
Your wish will soon come true! (Note: That's also a hint.) Once will bring Esposito back after the New Year, executive producer Adam Horowitz promises. "His origin story will hopefully be very surprising to people; [we'll find out] who he is, who he was and how he got in the mirror," he says.

When are we going to see Andre Braugher again on Law & Order: SVU? — Jake
Soon! Braugher's Bayard Ellis returns in the Dec. 3 episode as the attorney representing an former pro football player (Treat Williams) accused of rape after sleeping with an underage prostitute. And once again, Ellis will have a civil liberties ax to grind. "[His client] has suffered a series of concussions and consequently doesn't have a lot of higher brain function," Braugher says. "His client does not have the same kind of volition that other people do. So the question is: Where does the law stand on people who commit crimes but don't have the ability to correctly judge what it is that they're doing?"

How will Jane's memory loss affect Cassie on The Secret Circle? Laura
Cassie will pay the ultimate price for Charles' backfired spell. "It's going to toss her world around because, in some sense, the last family member she has is drifting away from her," executive producer Andrew Miller says. Could this be the catalyst for the emergence of her dark side? Here's hoping!

Have you heard anything new about the next season of Justified? — Beth
As a matter of fact, I have! The show has recruited Pruitt Taylor Vince, fresh off his gig as zombie bait on The Walking Dead, for a juicy guest spot. He'll play Glen Fogle, a local pawnbroker and modern-day Fagin who sells stolen goods and pays his band of thieves with Oxycontin. He takes twisted pleasure at the pain of others, but may get a taste of his own medicine when one of his own turns against him.

Adam's Mega Rave: Stana Katic's PTSD performance in this week's Castle was impressive, but let's not overlook Jon Huertas. He was equally strong in the pivotal scene where Esposito helps Beckett face her fears. Plus: It's nice to see someone other than Castle get through to Beckett every once and a while.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Forget occupying Greendale; we need to get over to the Cul De Sac, stat. (At least the latter has wine!) #CougarTown

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