Ellen Pompeo, Simon Baker, Ted Danson Ellen Pompeo, Simon Baker, Ted Danson

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Please give us some Meredith scoop on Grey's Anatomy! — Jen
Get ready to meet the new Nazi: Meredith! "She's definitely angry at the beginning of the season," Ellen Pompeo tells us. "She's angry about all the stuff that happened, so she's teaching her interns and she's really mean to them. It's an homage to the first Dr. Grey, Meredith's mother, who is the first bitch surgeon, so I get to channel Kate Burton and be mean."

Any good Jane and Lisbon scoop on The Mentalist? — Darcy
Now that Jane's ex Lorelei is in custody for her connection to Red John, Jane is in a bit of a sticky situation. "She has Red John's name on the tip of her tongue, so Jane will do anything to seduce her to his side of the struggle," creator Bruno Heller tells us. Naturally, Lisbon is going to take notice of the feelings Jane and Lorelei still share. "It's not exactly a love triangle... but it does make office life complicated," Heller says. "How much of that attraction is real and how much of that is Jane being manipulative?"

Any new spoilers about CSI? — Heather
It sounds like there are some ruff days ahead. An upcoming case will require the CSIs to solve the murder of a suspected dirty K-9 cop in which the dead guy's dog was the only witness. Can Rover actually lead the team to his handler's murderer and prove he wasn't on the take? Take that, Lassie!

Please tell me you know whether Addison chose Jake or Sam on Private Practice. — Joan
We know, but our lips are sealed, so we'll let Kate Walsh take this one. "She makes a choice," she says. "Everything gets really real for her. It's adult time. She's got a child; she's a mom." So pick a side, people! Team Jake or Team Sam? Let us know in the comments.

Any Castle scoop? Will we see Beckett's therapist again this season?— Rachel, via Twitter
Not right away. Beckett's new relationship with Castle is perhaps a sign that her visits with Michael Dorn's character last season helped. However, creator Andrew W. Marlowe isn't ruling out the possibility of Beckett returning to the couch later in the season. "We like having that option there," he says. "When things get even more complicated around midseason, it's important for Beckett to have some folks to talk to, whether it's [her therapist] or Lanie or someone else."

Please give me some Parks and Recreation scoop! — Cam
Now that Leslie Knope is a city councilor, she'll be getting a new office. But don't worry, she's not really moving away — seriously, it's, like, around the corner from her Parks Department pals. But she's still a little lonely. So she comes up with an ingenious way to get Tommy Fresh to come hang out with her.

Is Haddie really leaving home on Parenthood to go to Cornell? — Courtney
Yep, and get the Kleenex ready for Haddie's exit at the end of the first episode. But dry your tears with the knowledge that she'll be back for the sixth episode to cheer on Max as he gives a shockingly candid, but truly heartwarming speech in his bid for class president.

Will Olivia and Fitz really not be together next season on Scandal? —Holly
Even though Olivia turned in her White House badge, she'll both keep Fitz in her life and keep her promise to Mellie. "When we meet Olivia in the season premiere, she is a woman of her word, and she's keeping her commitment to what she said she wouldn't do," Kerry Washington says. "You will see Olivia negotiate her relationship at the beginning of the season and how she's dealing with it."

Anything new to report on Suits? — Lisa
Ready to meet Rachel's father? The show is currently casting him, a high-powered New York attorney who comes on as opposing council against Harvey in a major case. Rachel's relationship with her dad is far from happy — a fact that Harvey will use to his advantage when he asks Rachel to sit in on depositions to distract dear old Dad.

Any funny scoop on Happy Endings? —Mitch
Now that Dave and Alex will be living together, the pair decides to host Thanksgiving at their house this year, much to control freak Jane's consternation. We'll also learn that Brad and Max first met on the set of a reality show, where Penny also first revealed her true feelings about Dave.

I'm so excited for Sons of Anarchy to come back. Please give me some spoilers! — Chris
Gangster Damon Pope (guest star Harold Perrineau) will quickly exact revenge on Tig, who killed Pope's daughter, in a scene that will be burned in your memory. Is there any good news? Yes! An early episode features an impromptu wedding and Opie will re-dedicate his loyalty to Jax with a life-altering statement of allegiance.

Thanks for all the faithful Weeds scoop this year. What's next? —Sarah, via Twitter
NATALIE: Naturally, Andy's impromptu wedding wasn't the best idea in the world, which he'll figure out as he gets to know his (not at all) blushing bride. And as much as that promo would like you to believe that Nancy and Andy will finally try things out, Nancy will be dealing with her own love woes this week — and it's not pretty.

Natalie's Mega Rave: My reaction to the True Blood finale? Tara + Pam = Best. Couple. Ever.

Adam's Mini Rant:
So now Sloan is being sucked into The Newsroom's awful love triangle rhombus pentagon? Didn't Olivia Munn prove this season that she deserves better?

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(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)