David Boreanaz, Eric Dane, Alex O'Loughlin David Boreanaz, Eric Dane, Alex O'Loughlin

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Is it true that Ralph Waite will be back as Booth's grandfather on Bones? — Liza
Indeed it is. In fact, he'll return in an episode that will feature three generations of Booth men. We'll actually see Booth's dad via an extremely emotional flashback to Booth's childhood. (Hint: It has something to do with those baseball stadium seats Booth moved into his apartment last season.)

Will Mark try to win Lexie back on Grey's Anatomy? —  Jane
No. "With all the philandering over the past few seasons, people have forgotten or lost sight of the fact that Mark Sloan is one of the most-talented plastic surgeons in the country," Eric Dane tells us. Still, things will get complicated when Mark mentors Jackson, as he once did Alex when he was dating Lexie. "It's the same set of circumstances, so we're going to find out if Sloan is a good teacher or not," he says. "He sees that Lexie really likes Jackson and that Jackson is a good guy, so it's more a situation that if you break her heart, I'll break your face."

How exactly will the team on Hawaii Five-0  reunite? — David
Once McGarrett is exonerated, thanks to his former training officer (Terry O'Quinn), the other pieces fall into place from there. "The most important thing is they are a family," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. "There may still be a little mistrust, but they need each other." The reunion won't come without headaches though. "It's a very different Five-0," Lenkov says. "The [former] governor had a very specific agenda... so the idea of Five-0 can exist, but it's going to exist differently."

What's coming up for Claire and Phil on Modern Family? — James
"Claire is considering getting involved in community affairs," executive producer Christopher Lloyd tells us. "She's looking for an activity outside of the house to occupy her and she makes a couple of steps at fighting City Hall." Phil will also consider a job switch, but his true passion will lie elsewhere. "Through all that, he still has plenty of time to do things like pursuing his dream of learning to walk a tightrope in their yard."

Got any more scoop on The Good Wife? — Elizabeth
ADAM: Broadway actor Bill Heck will guest-star as a young, bleeding-heart legal-aide attorney who falls for Christine Baranski's Diane. What's that? You thought she was only into more conservatives types like Gary Cole's Marlboro Man? Allow executive producer Robert King to explain. "She starts the year very worried about the economy, and then she starts getting more in touch with her liberal roots," he says. "What comes with that is her falling in love with a liberal version of the Marlboro Man."

Is it true that Charlotte and Cooper are going to have some issues this season on Private Practice? — Sam
Unfortunately, poor Charlotte will have to deal with a big betrayal early on in the season — worse than when Cooper kissed Amelia. "For a woman who went through what she did last year with the sexual assault, trust becomes a huge part of her day-to-day life," KaDee Strickland says. "And when the person who weathered the storm with her decides to put her in a very compromised position, that's pretty tough on the relationship."

Ted Danson isn't the only new face on CSI this season. What can you tell me about how the show will use new series regular Elisabeth Harnois? — Kelly
First things first. Before Harnois' Morgan can work in the lab, she has to patch things up with her estranged father (and new boss) Conrad Ecklie. That's no cakewalk. "He's a better man now... but years ago he wasn't as good a father," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says. "It's very hard for her to see that he's a changed man." Perhaps he'll win her over when he comes to her rescue early in the season.

Will we get to see Leonard's morning-after reaction to Penny and Raj's hookup on The Big Bang Theory? — Andy
"I think you saw his complete and utter shock," Johnny Galecki says of the final moments of the finale. Unlike past seasons, though, the show won't jump ahead in time, so you can look forward to seeing more of the aftermath. "I know he'll be upset, certainly, with Raj, but he's also been sleeping with Raj's sister, so karma's a b----." It can't hurt more than that time he declared his love for her and she dumped him, Galecki says.

What's a guy got to do to get some Law & Order: SVU scoop? — Nick
Cash. Small bills. Unmarked. Brothers & Sisters' Ron Rifkin will guest-star in the season premiere as the defense attorney of Franco Nero's Dominic Strauss-Kahn-esque rape suspect.

What's going to happen to the Walking Dead gang? — Harold
Remember how we teased that the group may be splitting up? Andrea may be the first to leave. "Here's the deal: Andrea doesn't want to be there," Laurie Holden tells us. "She wanted to go within the CDC [explosion. ... If there is one virile man that's an alpha male that's capable of taking care of himself, why wouldn't she leave with Shane? A pack slows you down, so I think it's a little bit of survival coming out."

Sterling's back on Leverage this week! Got any scoop on the episode? — Angie
Sterling hires Nate and his team of cons to infiltrate a chess tournament in Dubai in order to steal a piece of a nuclear reactor from the tournament's host. But because it's Sterling, Nate & Co. are actually just pawns in an even bigger heist that may force you to look at Sterling in a new (possibly more positive) light. In unrelated-but-sounds-hella-fun news: Parker base-jumps off the world's second-highest skyscraper!

Got any scoop on the new season of Happy Endings? — Daniel
Alex and Penny move in together this season, Max starts a business that does not go very well, and Dave, well, Dave learns he's 1/16th Navajo and starts going to sweat lodges.

Adam's Mega Rave: I didn't have as many problems with Sons of Anarchy's "baby in Belfast" story line as some of my colleagues, but I can promise you that the FX biker drama is back in fine form for Season 4. I'm particularly engrossed by Ron Perlman's Clay, who is as fearless (and reckless) as ever.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Team Eric or Team Bill, True Blood writers? We've all had to choose; now it's your turn.

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