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I need Good Wife scoop! Tell me what happens when Alicia is asked about her relationship with Will in court? — Geena
ADAM: First things first: Alicia and Peter will finally have "the capital-T Talk" about Will. But despite the last-ditch efforts of an unlikely ally, Alicia will still have to testify. But it's not as dire as it seems: This time, Alicia's humiliation will be somewhat private.

I love Paul Rudd on Parks and Recreation? Is it bad that I'm secretly rooting for Bobby Newport to win just so he'll stick around? — Marcus
No, we're all thinking it. But also think about this: A Bobby Newport victory would be bad on several counts. First off, Chris would be out of a job! See, Bobby isn't too pleased that Chris has been backing Leslie's campaign, so if he wins, Chris is the first person he plans to get rid of.

What's this I hear about the CSI: Miami team possibly being torn apart in the season finale? — Derrick
It's true! When the mayor of Miami is implicated in the murder of a young journalist he's been sleeping with, his high-priced attorney takes over. And before you can say $4,000 suits, evidence suddenly appears to be mismanaged and is thus inadmissible, making Horatio's team look like a bunch of chumps. Something tells us that these lawyers aren't acting alone.

Can I please have some Grey's Anatomy scoop on Meredith? — Amber
You know how Arizona is always pushing Alex to be the best doc that he can be? Well, Callie will decide to play the same role for Meredith. Speaking of Calzona, look for some fun and sexy Valentine's Day shenanigans. "They're fighting with Mark about who's going to babysit; who gets to have sex that night, basically," executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells us.

Is this the last season of CSI: NY? — Joseph    
No decisions have been made, so just like last season, the show's writers are trying to craft a finale that works both ways. "There will be no cliff-hanger, that I can guarantee you," executive producer Zach Reiter tells us. "What we're trying to build is a story that has enough resolution that if it truly is a series finale, it feels good. But at the same time, we're not shutting the door completely. There are more stories to tell, so hopefully we'll be back and can tell them."

I'm bummed that How I Met Your Mother wasn't on this week. What's coming up? — Dirk
You might be a little bummed about this too. "There's going to be some fireworks involved with Ted's [unresolved] feelings for Robin," executive producer Craig Thomas says. "What Victoria came back to prophesize will come true in February sweeps... Some stuff happens that makes Ted and Robin question their living arrangements and how intimate they are as friends, and is that actually way weirder than we're letting on?"

What can you tell me about the upcoming Finder episode involving Walter's father and mother? — Hannah
That episode may shed some light on why Walter spends most of his life at the Ends of the Earth. Walter's near-death dad — who once had Walter committed because of his insistence that he had "a gift," — calls on his son to find Walter's long-missing mother before he kicks the bucket. Walter's mom is no peach either: She's a recovering alcoholic who has been in witness protection since she testified against a cult. No wonder Walter's so messed up.

Thanks for the scoop on Kyle MacLachlan's return to Desperate Housewives! Since the show is ending, will their reunion at least be a good one? — Jaime
It sure doesn't sound like it. You know those shadowy, mysterious letter-writing forces out there still? Well, I wouldn't go as far as to call him the author of said letters, but I can say that Orson will drop a dime on his fiery ex.

Is there hope for Schmidt and Cece on New Girl? — Sarah
Who needs hope when you've got sex? You'll soon see that this unlikely couple shares a potent turn-on: getting biz-ay in public. Not enough of a male sexual fantasy for you? Just wait until the Valentine's Day episode, when Cece will engage in a time-honored sitcom tradition: a catfight! "I get to fight a girl," Hannah Simone teases. "Somebody goes after something that belongs to me, and I go to get it back." Me-ow!

Can I get some Happy Endings scoop please? — Jim
Alex is getting a new boyfriend, but things quickly take a turn for the unhealthy when they begin intentionally fighting just so they can have amazing makeup sex. Speaking of fighting, get ready for Jane and Brad's annual "Spring Smackdown," an event so big it, like Groundhog Day, traditionally signals the end of winter... and of Max's hibernation period.

Got any intel on Hawaii Five-0? Kerry
What's in a name? Masi Oka's medical examiner Max Bergman is about to find out. "You're going to find out why he was orphaned," executive producer Peter Lenkov teases. "You would never think Masi would be named Max Bergman. So, you're going to find out why and that whole backstory is a very emotional journey."

Got anything on True Blood? — Simon
Now that Terry's old army buddy (Scott Foley) is in town, we'll finally discover what happened in Iraq that caused the Merlotte's chef to come back with such a severe case of PTSD. In a flashback to 2003, we'll see his squad head out for a night of partying and mischief that goes tragically awry.

Adam's Mega Rave: Can it be? I am three episodes into American Idol and I am hard-pressed to recall one of the "bad" auditions. Glad the show is focusing on the talent this time around.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Alcatraz's infamous "'63s" have the weakest motives ever. Were criminals really that transparent in the '60s?

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