Julianna Margulies, Nathan Fillion, Claire Danes Julianna Margulies, Nathan Fillion, Claire Danes

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Is Diane actually going to join Florrick/Agos on The Good Wife? — Brenda
Alicia certainly wants her to, but she and Cary may not see eye-to-eye on that topic. Even so, things are set in motion for Diane's shift — she already has her story lined up for her clients and David Lee and Canning — until an unforeseen crisis not only puts that on the back burner, but also pits several characters against each other.

Will the Castle cliff-hanger be resolved early in the new season or strung out for ages? — 
New showrunner David Amann would like a little from Column A and a little from Column B. "After the second episode, the audience will have some but not all of the answers about what exactly is going on," he says of explaining just how and why Castle's car came to be engulfed in flames. "It's a sufficient amount [of resolution] that the characters can move and get back to life as they knew it, but the effects of what happened to Castle will re-emerge and re-assert themselves later in the season." However, don't expect that to necessarily slow down the re-booking of a wedding. So, will we see Castle-Beckett nuptials this season? "I think that is very possible," Amann says.

Do you have any intel on the new season of Homeland?  — Nathan
Although we expect the ghost of Brody to haunt the new season at some point, his name isn't even mentioned in the first episode. Instead, Carrie is thrust right back into the center of the action by overseeing a drone-strike program in Afghanistan. Things get a bit dicey, however, when Carrie's latest target is taken out... during a family wedding (three words: international. PR. nightmare.). But perhaps the most telling thing about Carrie is how little any of what she's doing these days seems to faze her.

Scandal scoop, please! — Eliza
Hold off on Olivia-Fitz 'shipping for now. While Liv is relaxing on the beach, Fitz and Mellie will still be grieving Jerry's death, which won't be resolved any time soon. "It's a huge struggle," Tony Goldwyn tells us. "And with the absence of Olivia, emotionally, Fitz is trying to adjust to this new reality. ... It's not about moving forward on their marriage; it's about getting through today. It kind of goes into territory that's deeper and different and unexpected forScandal."

What can you say about SVU's new addition? I'm going to miss Amaro! — Lindsey
Never fear: Amaro will still play a big role in the first case of the season, despite — or perhaps because of — his new role as a beat cop. But back at the SVU squad room, Olivia will have a tough time dealing with the rough-around-the-edges Det. Sonny Carisi. If his questionable prior SVU experience doesn't raise red flags, Carisi's personal investigative style certainly will. Let's just say the rest of the squad does not approve.

Got anything on Criminal Minds?  — Janice
Remember The Replicator from Season 8? Don't worry — he's not returning, but Season 10 will feature another long-term unsub. Like The Replicator story line, it will be introduced at the end of the premiere. "You see that there is a bigger thing going on. It'll be a big case we touch on again midway through the season," executive producer Erica Messer tells us. And no, they don't have a nickname for him yet. "We have our own little shortcut in the [writers'] room, but we haven't landed on anything yet to put out there."

I can't wait for
 Brooklyn Nine-Nine to return! What can you spill on the season premiere? — Rich
Season 2 picks up six months after Jake first went undercover for the FBI. And although it's been quite a while since Jake and Amy last saw each other, conversation quickly turns to Jake's confession of his feelings for her when they're reunited. But has Jake moved on? Well, he does make at least one new friend while undercover.

I need more Sons of Anarchy scoop!
If the season premiere doesn't make it clear enough, Jax will soon burn every bridge he has with rival gangs — including the allies you might have thought to be among the most important. Fortunately for Jax, though, the club will make at least one new friend in Annabeth Gish's new sheriff, who seems willing to look the other way for the right amount of cash. But is it a set-up?

I can't wait for Person of Interest. Do you have any new spoilers? — Tommy
As you might have guessed, living under false identities doesn't sit very well with many of the team members. (Ass-kickers Reese and Shaw, in particular, won't be enjoying their fairly routine day jobs.) However, when the opportunity to get the band back together presents itself, not everyone jumps at the chance. "Finch has come to a place of doubting the intentions of his creation," executive producer Jonathan Nolan teases. "Finch has been much more measured in his belief in what his creation is doing. He's a lot more conflicted about it and that conflict will only continue."

What can you tell me about the new season of The Mindy Project? —
It turns out ex-con Morgan isn't the only one with a sordid past. When Mindy returns, it's revealed that one of the doctors used to moonlight as a male stripper! But is it party boy Peter, pretty boy Jeremy or persnickety Danny? Not only will you find out in the Season 3 premiere, but the man in question will even demonstrate his skills!

I'm obsessed with Outlander. Any scoop?!
Book readers who have been dying for years to see the (very pivotal) wedding of Claire and Jamie won't have to wait much longer. (The steamy union will take place in Episode 7, to be exact.) As if you needed another reason to be excited, author Diana Gabaldon offered up this tesase when we visited the set in Scotland. "It is well worth seeing," she said. "I told [Sam Heughan], 'I've seen it. It's fantastic, the lighting is wonderful, and honesty compels me to add you have one fine ass, man!' And that he does."

Mega Rave: Depressing though it may be, The Leftovers executed its specific vision perhaps more effectively than any show I've watched so far this season. And Sunday's emotionally affecting finale rewarded the grueling viewing experience by offering hope — both for these characters and for the possibilities of Season 2.

Mini Rant:
 As a hardcore Big Brother fan, I wanted Utopia to rock my world. Instead, the ridiculous cast and their insane ranting made me want to drown myself in the fake lake.

This Week's Recommendation: Red Band Society (Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 9/8c on Fox) One of the fall's first new shows to premiere is also one of the most promising. (It's one of our editors' picks!) The show will warm your heart and the young cast of actors do an impressive job holding their own against a fierce Octavia Spencer. 

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