Good luck hiding your secrets from Joan Watson.

Now that Sherlock's dad Morland Holmes (John Noble) has arrived on Elementary, it's time he met his son's partner Joan (Lucy Liu), whom he owes a great debt to as Sherlock's former sober companion. "He could not have predicted that it would turn into the partnership that it has," creator Rob Doherty tells "He is absolutely grateful to Joan. He, like others in Sherlock's life, had a sense that he would shake Joan loose pretty quickly, and to everyone's surprise, she managed to not just hang on but thrive."

Joan, on the other hand, regards Morland with a healthy amount of distrust after hearing all of Sherlock's bitter comments over the years. "There's actually some suspicion on Joan's part," Doherty says. "The two Morlands don't seem to line up, and she starts to get concerned about the possibility of these two reconnecting."

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When Joan looks into Morland's background, she'll discover a surprising side to him, one that is counter to the concerned parent persona we've seen so far. "We're going to start to poke holes in that," Doherty promises. "We're going to see someone who's a little different."

Now just don't tell Sherlock!

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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