Anna Paquin, Carmine Giovinazzo, Paget Brewster Anna Paquin, Carmine Giovinazzo, Paget Brewster

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Wondering if you can elaborate on Danny and Lindsay's predicament in the season finale of CSI: NY? — Christina
It doesn't look good. We know Shane Casey tracks down Danny and Lindsay while they're on vacation, and since he's Shane Casey, you can expect some serious peril. But just who is in danger? "[The finale] really leaves you in a position to wonder whose life is at stake," Carmine Giovinazzo tells us. "It's a really dramatic ending where somebody's going to die and you really don't know who. ... I'm glad I'm involved — to put me on the slab and make that what everybody's going to wonder about is exciting."

Give me a good tease about True Blood's new season. — Holly
Zeljko Ivanek (aka the best guest star of everything) returns as the Magister, and he's cracking down on the illegal V trade in Louisiana. This is a problem for the Queen, since she's tacitly allowing it, and for Eric and Pam, since they're running it.

Prentiss and Mick had so much chemistry in the Criminal Minds spin-off episode. Will that lead to anything? — Meg
Now that CBS has picked up the spin-off (albeit at midseason), it's something producers are pondering. Co-executive producer Erica Messer says the writers picked up on the chemistry between the characters, but pursuing it will really depend on what shape the new show takes. "If they're working in Quantico at all, there's got to be a natural time we'll cross episodes," Messer says. "But our team is six or seven people, and that's tricky to service 14 people in an episode. Prentiss was flirty in her own way, but I don't know how much we'll pursue beyond that."

So we got Jenny out of the way for a while. How else will Gossip Girl change? — Milan
Until Little J (Taylor Momsen) makes her inevitable, splashy, Serena-like re-entrance on to the Manhattan scene, I'm hearing that the plan is to give Connor Paolo (who plays Eric van der Woodsen) more screen time next season, including a boyfriend who will stick around for a while.

Any news on Mad Men Season 4? Is Betty still a main character? — Rebecca
I think you'll be seeing plenty of Bets this season, and I'll tell you why: Kiernan Shipka, who plays little Sally Draper, has been made a series regular, which will up her episode count as the show explores the end of the Draper marriage.  "Last season was really hard for Sally, and next season is going to be even harder," Shipka tells us. "It's really going to be about Sally growing up and reacting to whether her parents get divorced or not."

Now that Cate and Ryan are married, what's Baze going to do in Life Unexpected's second season? — Jenni
Kristoffer Polaha told us that the plan right now is to let Cate and Ryan be happily married, to have a bit of a honeymoon phase. Meanwhile, it's probably not a surprise to hear that Baze will be playing the field a bit. What might be a surprise is that not one, but two of these lucky ladies will stick around for a while.

What's the word on Smallville's last season? — Chase
Tom Welling is clear about what he wants: reunions. "I want to see a lot of the people that the fans know come back and to see those relationships," Welling says, singling out Kristin Kreuk's Lana and Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. "We want them back, and I know we're going to do everything we can to see them here."

What's coming up on Law & Order: Criminal Intent? — Josh
Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham has been cast as Nichols' shrink dad, who will play a role in the season finale, which involves, cryptically, a helicopter. "There's a lot to do there with Nichols' story and his family, his dealing with his patriarchal figure, and me dealing with him dealing with that," says Saffron Burrows, who plays Det. Serena Stevens. "It's a big one; there is an emotional cliff-hanger."

Can you tell me anything about the upcoming summer season of Leverage? — Helen
The premiere finds the team trying to bust Nate out of prison, even though he thinks he can handle the jailbreak himself. That independent streak may just get Nate & Co. in trouble with "The Italian," a new lady of mystery played by Elisabetta Canalis. "She's very instrumental in figuring out how it is that Nate is able to get out or perhaps not get out of prison," Timothy Hutton tells us. "Big decisions have to be made, and she's instrumental in presenting a deal. If he says yes, it's going to be very dangerous for the entire team."

Will there be another new alter before the end of United States of Tara's second season? — Paul and Monica
Sort of. In next week's episode, Tara and Charmaine will investigate their murky childhood, and what they'll find — and who they'll meet — will explain a lot about the origins of Alice. In the process, Tara's fractured state will express itself a little differently.

What's coming up on Breaking Bad? — Erin
Skyler will make a trip to Saul's office with Walt, further entangling herself in Walt's business affairs in more ways than one. Meanwhile, look for Jesse to go to an even darker place when he gets some key intel on the death of someone close to him.

I heard that Betty White is going to be on a new sitcom. What can you tell me about it? — Anders
TV Land's Hot in Cleveland co-stars White as a dotty caretaker who crosses paths with three middle-aged Angelenos (sitcom vets Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves) who move to Ohio on a whim. It's no Golden Girls. There are decent laughs, but nothing that will inspire you to create a Facebook petition.

Mickey's Mega Rave: My devotion to Lost is admittedly slavish, but in my dissatisfaction with Season 6's "sideways" stories, I too "let go" of my quibbles and just let the remaining story wash over me. I loved the finale — not necessarily for what it was, but for the emotional reactions it elicited. I'm still not sure I understand how or when everybody died, but I nonetheless relished their funerary send-off.

Adam's Mini Rant: Yes, the Lost finale was emotionally satisfying. I just wish the finale didn't discredit huge chunks of the story — particularly Season 5's time-traveling. I suffered all those mental nosebleeds for nothing.

Reader Quote of the Week: "And believe me, we are bored with him. Good riddance." cooper2000, on Simon Cowell's claim that he's bored with American Idol

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