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Please tell me Castle and Beckett will still be in a good place when the show returns in January? —Anna
They'll be in a good place, but maybe not for long. When a dead woman ends up in the mayor's car, Beckett will find herself afraid of pursuing the most obvious suspect. "The stakes are enormous," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. "If something happens to the mayor, Castle is not going to be able to continue his partnership with Beckett. How do you deal with an investigation when you're compromised because of the way you feel?"

Got any scoop on Desperate Housewives? —Jennifer
Two Wisteria Lane women will be stricken with two different diseases: One is of the venereal ilk and the other is even more severe. We'll go ahead and tell you that Bree is one of the women, and based on her upcoming escapades, it's probably safe to assume she's not the one about to battle cancer.

So Rebecca's coming back on The Vampire Diaries? Please tell me that doesn't mean Elena is in danger!  — Hayley
ADAM: Well, somebody is in danger. Big danger. (I mean, isn't someone always on this show?) "There is definitely a major character whose fate is looking bleak," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. But not, like, Aunt Jenna bleak, right? "[He or she] may not come out the other side of a terrible life-or-death situation," Plec teases. Eek! Any guesses?

Got any scoop on Revenge, Bones, Ringer, True Blood, or Castle? --Harry
OK, that's plenty to choose from! On one of these shows, the leading man will be shot by a bullet intended for a person he'd rather kill himself — it's fair to call the other man a romantic rival, but it's not a complete description of their relationship.

It's been a while since we had any good Blue Bloods scoop. — Will
When Danny's friend is gunned down during an undercover drug bust, he becomes consumed by the search for his killer. But solving the case will be the easy part. Linda is so shaken by the murder that she will ask Danny to choose between her and the department once and for all.

Will Schmidt and Cece ever hook up on New Girl? —Tara
Schmidt's dreams are about to come true, and after they've done the deed, he will shout it from the rooftops. (He will then put a dollar in the jar.) How will Cece feel about their flirtation/fling going public? How do you think?

Can you tell me anything about Parenthood?—Kathryn
Zeek may have conquered ED with his smooth-as-silk acting skills, but in the real world, there's some question about his overall health. When a clumsy pharmacist accidentally gives Crosby his father's prescriptions, he learns that his dad isn't exactly as hale and hardy as he appeared in the ad.

Anything good happening on Rizzoli & Isles? —Sammy
NATALIE: The most difficult part of being a cop is putting those you love in the way of potential harm. The ladies will learn this the hard way when two family members are the victims of a hit-and-run as well as a shooting.

How is Homeland going to get Carrie back into the CIA? —Josh
Whatever happens, we're betting that Saul will be leading the charge. "[Saul and Carrie's] relationship is sort of the axis of the series," executive producer Alex Gansa tells us. "In many ways, it's the focal point of the show." Our theory? Saul uses his knowledge of the drone attack to get Estes fired. Once Saul takes over, he brings Carrie back into the fold. Right?

Is there any hope for Adam and Diana on The Secret Circle? —Jaime
Sorry to break it to you, Jaime, but Diana is moving on. "She's going to be struggling for a bit," executive producer Andrew Miller says, "but you can't keep that girl away from love because she's too amazing, so there will be love for Diana in this half of the season. It'll just come from an unexpected place."

Is Sheriff Roosevelt going to be a part of Sons of Anarchy next season? —Bart
If creator Kurt Sutter has his way, you bet. "We have not made a deal yet for him next season, but ... he is definitely open to it," Sutter says, noting that he likes the challenge Roosevelt presents to SAMCRO. "He is difficult for the Sons. They know how to go after a guy who just wants to shut them down. And then they know how to pay off a guy and keep him on the take. But how do you navigate around a cop who is a real cop? That will be a fun exploration." 

What's in store for the Shameless premiere? —Arnie
This scoop will be as shameless as the series itself. James Wolk and Emmy Rossum. Naked. In public. Not enough? OK, how about this? William H. Macy. Half-naked. In the restroom of a gay bar.

Adam's Mega Rave: We were sweating just as much as Brody watching the pivotal attack scene of Homeland's outstanding season finale. Would he do it? Ohmigod, yes! But it's a good thing he wasn't able to, since it means we'll still have Damian Lewis to kick around next season.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Agreed. But here's hoping that Brody's plan to affect policy isn't as boring as it sounds.

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(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)