David Boreanaz; Michael C. Hall; Alex O’Loughlin David Boreanaz; Michael C. Hall; Alex O’Loughlin

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I've been worried about Booth and Brennan breaking up all summer. Give me a Bones scoop that will make me feel better. — Whitney
I hear the season's second episode involves the murder of a high-profile and cutthroat divorce attorney. (Suspect No. 1: His secretary, who apparently was having an affair with the boss' wife!) But naturally, having Booth and Brennan observe some of the victim's clients whose relationships are falling apart will make them examine their own strained relationship. "[It's] at a time when Booth and Brennan are just coming back together after being separated so long," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "It's a very difficult thing when you have just started a family and all of a sudden it's torn asunder. It will be an issue that exists between them."

Now that Deb knows Dexter's secret, will she still have feelings for him this season on Dexter? — Riley
Deb will have some mixed feelings, obviously, which will vacillate between whether she's truly dropped those feelings and partially hating herself because she hasn't. "The feelings certainly don't disappear," showrunner Scott Buck tells us. "It'll be interesting for people to see her first response to that and how that will change over the course of the season as well. As you'll see, she doesn't get around to saying that to Dexter [in the premiere]. So in all these previous seasons, it was Dexter with the big secret; now suddenly Deb has the secret."

Got any more details about McGarrett's mom on Hawaii Five-0? — Janine
As you may have guessed, Steve is going to be mighty skeptical about his mother's motives, given that he's lived years believing she was dead. Unfortunately for Mama McGarrett, she's going to have to win over Steve's entire team if she wants to repair the relationship. "Catherine and Danny and the team — they're going to be wary of her," executive producer Peter Lenkov tells us. "You want to believe that her intentions are good, but at the end of the day, there's going to be a lot of gray and a lot of questions about what she is up to. This team is very open with each other, and she keeps a lot of secrets."

Any Big Bang Theory scoop on Howard and Bernadette? — Harold
Howard will not deal well with space — both while he's there and when he gets back. "Reorienting [himself] back into the daily stream of life is difficult," executive producer Chuck Lorre says. "After a peak experience like being in outer space, going to the grocery store can be difficult. Also, the hum-drum problems of life find him on the space station. Communication is very easy, so if his mother has a problem, he's dealing with it from outer space." Bernadette will also find his return difficult. "She's real proud of him. He's a stud, right? But at the same time, it can be wearisome if your husband is the high school quarterback who can't forget that one touchdown pass he threw."

Can you give me any more information about the senator Beckett will meet on Castle? — Riley
The character, played by Heroes alum Jack Coleman, will have "compelling information" about Beckett's mother's murder — compelling enough that she will likely call on him throughout the season, creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. But Beckett may not like all the things she learns as she finally closes her mom's case. ""It's going to spin our characters in a different emotional direction," Marlowe says. "Once Beckett has that knowledge, what's she going to do with it and who is she going to become?" In other words: Closure may not exactly equal contentment.

A Dawson's Creek reunion?! Apartment 23 is going to be awesome this year. Please give me more scoop! —Jane
This year's Thanksgiving episode will find Chloe taking June home for the holidays just so that June can keep Chloe on an even emotional keel, but June ends up being the one who falls apart — all part of Chloe's plan, natch. "We see Chloe's family again, her mom and dad again, after June hooked up with her dad, so that's going to be very awkward," creator Nahnatchka Kahn teases.

I'm so excited for Person of Interest to come back. Any spoilers you can offer? — Dana
The new season is all about The Machine, creator Jonathan Nolan tells us. That's fitting, given that in the Season 1 finale, Reese appeared to be communicating directly with the machine after Finch was kidnapped. "Our relationship with The Machine has been one that we haven't questioned too much," Nolan says. "We think we understand what it is, but the idea in the second season is to challenge those assumptions. [We want] to take that fifth character, who's largely been a silent partner, and start [letting Reese know] how that works. 'What is the machine, really?' is a huge question for Season 2."

Some Parks and Recreation scoop would be nice. — Sally
It sure would, and wouldn't you know it, I have some! Ben is having a hard time fitting in with his cabal of young, male interns. You would think April, who will be working with him in D.C., would stick up for him, but she's actually the cause of many of his problems — in particular, the drawings she's making of him with a stick up a certain orifice.

How is Callen going to get away with shooting The Chameleon on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Kyle
Who says he is? Although the Season 4 premiere, which takes place the following day, opens with Callen walking out of jail, he will still be suspended for the duration of the investigation. And it sounds like things go from bad to worse. "The deeper we get into this story, the further Callen seems to fall," executive producer Shane Brennan says. However, Callen's fall may also be an act of honor. "Callen makes a choice to protect Hetty," Brennan teases. "In doing that, Granger puts out an arrest warrant on Callen. It plays to the closeness of these two characters."

Alex and Dave are going to move in together? Seriously, Happy Endings?! —Jo
It's really not their fault. In the premiere, they do their best to try to keep it casual. Alex even sets Dave up on a date with a hot bartender — until she realizes she's set him up on a date with a hot bartender... which is why she interrupts his date and brings along some hot beefcake for herself.

Got any scoop on CSI? How will Nick rejoin the team after walking out last season? — Bobby
Surprisingly, it will all start with Nick getting drunk! "Nick goes on a bit of a bender," George Eads teases. "He challenges a couple guys with pistols that he shouldn't, and he ends up in a bad spot." Fortunately, Sara comes to his rescue, which makes him re-evalute the importance of his team. "He's the kind of guy who doesn't run from a fight," Eads says. "He got frustrated and fed up, but I don't think he would ever leave his teammates in the middle of battle."

How does Nancy handle a real job on Weeds? — Megan
Not well. Nancy has never taken a shine to rude people, so imagine how she reacts, as a pharmaceutical sales rep, to getting the cold shoulder from various medical professionals. That doesn't mean she won't make any sales; she'll just do it in her own special way. Meanwhile, Andy gets advice from an unexpected place that may ultimately help him settle the Nancy debate — or not. You should be more worried with how Silas handles his new position, considering he lands on the wrong side of his co-worker on Day 1. 

Natalie's Mega Rave: I almost forgot the excitement of watching an Olympic event live. The semifinals match between the U.S. women's soccer team and Canada was so intense and thrilling, it had me on the edge of my seat. Bet NBC is regretting they didn't delay this one.

Adam's Mini Rant: I would have enjoyed the reveal of the mole on The Closer if the casting for Major Crimes hadn't already given us a huge hint.

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