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Mega Buzz: Which New Blacklist Villain Brings Out Liz's Dark Side?

Hint: She was in Pulp Fiction!

Hanh Nguyen

The Stewmaker. The Decembrist. Lord Baltimore. We've met some pretty colorful/gruesome characters on The Blacklist . Now, get ready to meet... Tracy Solobotkin?

Emmy winner Amanda Plummer will play the new Blacklister with the unassuming name and appearance, but she may be one of the creepiest of them all. "[Tracy is a] very unexpected, small, fringe person who has her own very, very dark impulses," executive producer John Eisendrath tells TVGuide.com. "Once she realizes that the life she's been living is a lie, it completely turns her in a direction that is incredibly dark, and, in her twisted mind, justifies [her] actions."

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Hm, a woman who discovers some part of her life is a lie and then turns to the dark side. Sound familiar? Liz (Megan Boone) still hasn't recovered from learning that her husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) was an agent whose mission was to stay close to and even marry her. Add to that the mysterious connection that master criminal Red Reddington (James Spader) has to her past, and Liz has gone off the deep, dark end this season. "There is a scene in which Liz is talking with [Tracy] and... in some weird way, they have a shared connection from that," Eisendrath confirms.

Let's hope the other Blacklisters this season won't affect Liz as deeply. "We're going to meet a great potpourri of villains," creator Jon Bokenkamp adds, specifically mentioning "a great bunch of weirdos out in the woods called the Kenyon family." Anyone else having an X-Files flashback?

The Blacklist airs in its new timeslot on Thursday at 9/8c on NBC.

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