Admit it: You've been swept into The Weather Channel's whirlwind more than once. Perhaps you were mindlessly channel surfing, curious about the forecast — or maybe it's just that hunky meteorologist Paul Goodloe got your temperature rising!

While Goodloe — one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People in 2001 — makes light of his looks, he can't help fawning over someone else on the list: Halle Berry. Goodloe gleefully recalls meeting the Oscar winner at a convention a few years ago.

"I was sitting at a press conference," the 33-year-old says, "and she was talking about her next movie, X-Men. She talked about how she played a character called Storm, who can control the weather — and when she said it, she kind of pointed and referenced to me.

"It was a huge thrill," Goodloe gushes. In fact, if he could pick any celeb to share a warm front with, it'd be Berry. "I don't know if she's really into [weather]," he jokes, "but I'm really into her. I think she's gorgeous." (Sorry Paul, she's also married to singer Eric Benet. And let's not forget Mrs. Goodloe!)

His fantasies aside, Goodloe looks forward to joining in The Weather Channel's 20th anniversary celebration. On Sunday night at 8 pm/ET, the cable network airs an hour-long special tracing its history. And come rain or shine, Goodloe has no plans to leave TWC for the competition. As he jests: "I don't think Al [Roker]'s going anywhere anytime soon!"