Anjelica Huston courtesy Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS Anjelica Huston courtesy Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston has been tapped to visit Medium during the NBC drama's fourth season, playing an investigator for a firm called Ameritips who strikes an unusual bargain with Allison. "When we decided to embark on a six-episode arc involving a formidable female character, the challenge was to find an actress who could hold the screen with Patricia [Arquette] while creating sparks of her own," series creator Glenn Gordon Caron explains to the Hollywood Reporter. "I couldn't be more excited or more inspired [to have Huston in the role]. The idea of writing for two such extraordinary actresses... is exactly the kind of creative kick in the ass we relish on Medium."

Sounds like Medium is sizing up a 2008 guest-actress Emmy.