David Letterman and John McCain David Letterman and John McCain

John McCain may find himself in back-to-back debates this week: He faces Barack Obama in their final debate Wednesday, and he'll return the next night to Late Show to try to make nice with David Letterman.

CBS announced Sunday morning that the senator would return to the show, weeks after canceling a Sept. 24 appearance to focus on the nation's economic crisis.

Letterman said at the time that McCain told him he had to fly immediately back to Washington. But moments later he cut to a live feed of McCain in New York, prepping for an interview with Katie Couric.

Letterman's irritation remained last week, when he said McCain was in negotiations to return to the show but was being "squirrely."

Still, returning to the show this week could be a great opportunity for the Republican presidential nominee. News stories last week have focused on a recent sense of anger at his campaign rallies – at times he's urged people in the audience to be respectful of Obama – and McCain can use the show to play up his funny side.

And, of course, Letterman and McCain can prove they don't hold grudges.

What do you think? Will Letterman and McCain make up?

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