Mayim Bialik Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik really gave Piers Morgan a big bang Monday night on Late Late Show With James Corden, when she appeared to open up her dress and flash her breasts at Piers Morgan.

It wasn't for Mardi Gras beads of course; Bialik's intentional nip slip comes a week after Morgan's comments about Susan Sarandon's outfit: a white tuxedo jacket over a black bra that offered a easy view of her cleavage. Morgan, who called Sarandon's look "horribly inappropriate" because she was presenting an award to dead people, sparked a backlash, with people calling him anti-feminist. He was explaining his point of view on Corden when Bialik showed her boobs.

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Apparently that offended some people. The Big Bang Theory actress is being hit with sexual harassment - which she wasn't having at all. "I was showing him my cleavage, not my vagina," she tweeted Tuesday. "Get a grip."

Morgan, for his part, took her move in stride too.

"I've never felt less sexually harassed @missmayim. FYI," he tweeted in response.

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