Question: There was a show maybe on CBS in the mid-'70s that starred Brenda Vaccaro. Was it Sara? I recall there being some controversy over it, but I was only 8 or 9 at the time, so I probably didn't understand it anyway. What was the big deal?

Answer: None that I'm aware of, Doris. (And if I'm wrong, my readers will be happy to tell me so.) However, I'm betting Vaccaro fans weren't too happy with how things worked out.

Sara, which debuted on CBS in February 1976, was about a character who was controversial in her time, certainly. Sara Yarnell, originally from the East, headed West to Independence, Colorado, to teach school. Of course, the stiff and proper folks living there wanted their kids taught by a teacher who knew her place, and Sara was anything but. That didn't sit well with the school board, but Sara scored points with the head of the local newspaper, with her best friend, Julia, and, as you might expect, with her students.

But she didn't score enough ratings points with the TV audience, unfortunately, and the show left the air in July.