In 1994, Rob Morrow shocked many by exiting the quirky drama Northern Exposure, for which he had earned two Emmy nods. Since then, aside from a role in Robert Redford's Quiz Show, he has kept a relatively low profile, something which is about to change as the actor-director delivers projects to the small, big and really big screens.

For starters, there's Maze (opening Friday in 10 cities), a film that originally premiered on the Starz network. The drama — which finds Morrow serving as both director and star — tells the tale of a brilliant artist, afflicted with Tourette's syndrome, who is conflicted by feelings for his best bud's girl.

"I initiated this film about six years ago, and turned down like five acting jobs because I wanted to direct it, and had to keep my schedule open," Morrow tells TV Guide Online. For a leading lady, he lucked out with Laura Linney, who began Maze immediately after filming her Oscar-nominated performance in You Can Count on Me. "We were really up against it in terms of time and money, and she was there with her smile every day," says her director. "She's a gem."

Still ahead for Morrow: Getting behind the oversized camera for an IMAX film adaptation of Propeller One-Way Night Coach, a children's book penned by John Travolta (who will provide narration for the 80 percent 3-D animated spectacle). And, hopefully, a new — yet vastly different — TV gig.

"I just did a pilot for Showtime called Street Time, about the world of parole officers. If that goes forward, I'll direct on that," he reveals. "The guys behind the [1998 prison film] Slam are behind it, so there's a great veracity about it. I'm hoping it gets picked up!"