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Last we saw Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), she narrowly escaped getting gunned down by Mexican drug kingpin Esteban (aka the mayor of Tijuana, aka her boyfriend) by producing a sonogram that appeared to show that the would-be turncoat was with child! As Season 5 of Weeds premieres (Monday at 10 pm/ET), Nancy's delicate state might have kept her safe in the short run, but not without its own set of complications. Parker tells us what she thinks of Nancy, ponders how far she'll fall this season, and surveys sisterhood with Jennifer Jason Leigh and the relative cleanliness of Alanis Morissette.

TVGuide.com: What was your reaction when you found out that Nancy was pregnant?
Mary-Louise Parker: Oh, I thought it was awesome. They told me at the beginning of last [season]. I just thought it was a great idea. I like it when the seasons end on that kind of cliff-hanger. But I didn't know what was going to happen with the baby, whether she was going to have it. It could go a number of different ways.

TVGuide.com: I actually had it in my mind that she was lying.
Parker: A lot of people did. They were like, "She faked that sonogram!"

TVGuide.com: Do you often find yourself being asked to defend or explain Nancy to people?
Parker: I think more often than not people pretty much like her. But I guess sometimes people will be like, "How does it feel to play a mother who's so irresponsible? Is it hard?"

TVGuide.com: Do you try not to judge her?
Parker: I don't mind judging her. I'm going to have to look at her honestly, like I'd want to look at myself honestly. I think, you know, she's fairly narcissistic — not to an extreme degree, but she doesn't put her children first, and to me the definition of a good parent is someone who puts their kids first. I mean, they don't always make the perfect decisions, but they have their children in mind before themselves.

TVGuide.com: Where is Nancy at the beginning of Season 5? Has she hit rock bottom?
Parker: Oh, no. She goes way down. We're shooting [Episode] 9 now — she's going down. But I like that.

TVGuide.com: What has surprised you about Nancy so far this season?
Parker: I feel like she has a little bit more conscience and a little more direction. I mean, I wouldn't go crazy. She's not, like, totally living for somebody else, but I think there's a little bit of a shift there.

TVGuide.com: Tell me about working with Jennifer Jason Leigh [who guest-stars as Nancy's high-strung sister, Jill Price-Gray]. In the little that I've seen of her, she really surprised me.
Parker: She's just great. She's also a wildly cool person. We're both younger sisters, so we understand the dynamic between sisters, and how wack and rich and wonderful it is.

TVGuide.com: And Alanis Morissette plays Nancy's OB/GYN, right?
Parker: Yes, although [her scenes are] mostly with Justin [Kirk, who plays Andy]; I only have two scenes with her. She's so well-mannered and soft-spoken it's just kind of bizarre; I keep singing Jagged Little Pill in my head. And she walks by me with some, like, nice shawl on and flat shoes and her hair looks really clean. It's just kind of a disconnect. I mean, really?

TVGuide.com: I've heard that Alanis' character will have a fling with Andy, but... Nancy isn't going to end up with Andy, is she? There have been a lot of strong hints in that direction of late.
Parker: I think it might just go on forever in some capacity or another, I hope. I just love doing scenes with [Justin Kirk], and I love him so much. He's one of the best actors I have or will ever work with. Aside from appreciating him, I think we go well together.

TVGuide.com: You've gotten some great guest stars. Who else would you like to work with?
Parker: I think Rosie Perez would work well, and I love her; she's a dear lady. Too bad we can't bring Martin Donovan back from the dead. [Donovan played a DEA agent who ended up murdered.]

TVGuide.com: Rumor control: There have been reports that you would like to leave the show after the sixth season. Any truth to that?
Parker: I would stay on this train until it goes off the tracks, and I don't know who the f--- said that, but they're out of their minds.

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