Mary-Kate Olsen by Alexandra Wyman/ Mary-Kate Olsen by Alexandra Wyman/
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Mary-Kate Olsen has been hospitalized with a kidney infection,

People reports. What's shocking to me about this is that there's room in that little twig body for her to even have a kidney.... Former Veep Al Gore won the Founders Award yesterday at the International Emmy Awards, which also honored Death of a President, a British lightning rod about the assassination of Dubya.... Titan Publishing this month launches official magazines for CSI (out now), Heroes (streeting today) and Supernatural (next Tuesday).... Aw, now that's cool. Nicole Richie and father-to-be Joel Madden are said to be donating the gifts from their recent baby shower to 100 expectant families in need through their new free clinic. The couple will, however, keep the baby books that guests brought for Nicole's the baby's library.... Apparently not caring a bit how badly it scars Ausiello's psyche, SOAPnet will air an October Road marathon Saturday from noon to 7 pm/ET. - Ben Katner