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Marvel's Runaways: Who (and What) Is Jonah?

And what the heck is in that hole?

Lindsay MacDonald

Prepare to see a new side of the villain we all love to hate on Marvel's Runaways in Season 2.

Ever since we first met Jonah (Julian McMahon), we've known he's seriously bad news. Killing runaway teens every year in order to regenerate and stay young forever is pretty much the tell-tale sign of a super villain, and in Season 1 he played that part to perfection. In the upcoming second season, however, we'll learn exactly who and what Jonah is, and whether or not he's got a softer side we just haven't explored yet.

Unsurprisingly, this exploration will come through his storyline with Karolina (Virginia Gardner), his daughter and fellow glow stick.

"[Karolina] is going to discover a lot," showrunner Josh Schwartz says of Karolina's investigation into Jonah's true identity. "That's one of the big storylines. It's something we lean into very early on in the story, and it is something that is really going to change Karolina's understanding of herself and her place in the world and her place maybe in a different world as well. That's a story we're definitely leaning into."

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After that explosive confrontation between the two of them in last year's finale, it's going to be tougher for Karolina to trust anything Jonah has to say. Even if it could explain exactly what she is and why she's got these amazing powers.

"I think Karolina doesn't really know where [Jonah] stands," says Gardner. "If he was trying to kill her, if he was testing her, if he's good, if he's bad, and what his relationship is to [her] mom and where [she] comes from. This season, Karolina goes into it just trying to get answers out of Jonah and trying to learn from him what she can."

You can expect some big answers in Season 2 to all the questions you've been asking yourself about what Jonah is, where he comes from, and what exactly is down in that hole he drilled in the middle of L.A. Unfortunately, there's a reason they say ignorance is bliss, and when all is said and done, Karolina and the rest of the Runaways might wish they'd stayed in the dark about certain aspects of their parents' lives.

Marvel's Runaways Season 2 premieres Friday, Dec. 21 on Hulu

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