Now that the teens of Marvel's Runaways have actually, well, run away, they'll be experiencing a very different kind of lifestyle than they're accustomed to in Season 2. Gone are the luxury cars, swimming pools and fancy phones (they don't even get to use Lyft that much this season!) as they adjust to living life on the streets of Los Angeles. While each teen takes to their new runaway existence differently, the character whose journey is most interesting in Season 2 is definitely Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz).

No longer under his mother and father's roof and living outside their influence, Alex finds himself in the company of an unexpected (and potentially untrustworthy) ally: Darius Davis (DeVaughn Nixon). We won't give away the details behind this new partnership, though they are juicy, but we can tell you that through his association with Darius, Alex will be experiencing the kind of life he could have led if his father hadn't made a deal with the devil for a Brentwood address and the charmed life that came with it.

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According to Rhenzy Feliz, it's an eye-opening experience that will force Alex to confront his own privilege.

"He no longer has the luxuries that he once had. He can't do the things that he did from that comfortable place," Feliz says. "He's sort of grown up in this Brentwood, rich lifestyle for his entire life. And for him to get to see the other side how people live? It's the same world, same city, but you drive 10 minutes and you're in a completely different part of town. And so for him to get to see that up close and personal and see that they're still people — these are still people who are living lives, it's just that they aren't as fortunate. They aren't as privileged as you are to grow up the way that you did."

"It's sort of humbling for him to see that," he continues, "and I think it even adds more to that disdain that he has for his parents. I think that's sort of going to drive him through the second season. That search for justice that we saw in the first season."

This new storyline will isolate Alex from the rest of the group, if only for a short time, but don't worry: He's going to be making some new friends and they will help to round out his world view in a way his Brentwood buddies never could.

"He meets someone along the way," Feliz teases, "and yeah, that also kind of changes the way he thinks about things and where he puts his priorities. You'll see how that unfolds."

Marvel's Runaways Season 2 premieres Friday, Dec. 21 on Hulu

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