Martin Sheen by Jesse Grant/ Martin Sheen by Jesse Grant/
Martin Sheen speaks from experience when he weighs in on Bobby cast mate Lindsay Lohan's imploding life and career. "The bottom line is you have to get through the entourages that surround these celebrities who are spinning out of control," he tells TV's Extra. "[These entourages] don't want to let it go, this is their meal ticket." Indeed, when Sheen's son Charlie was battling addictions of his own, Papa Sheen says, "I literally disarmed [his entourage]. Some of them had guns, literally." Sheen's directive to Lohan's folks? "You get in there and fight for life. You get between her and the grave and you say, 'I won't allow it.'" ( After you get done crawling the nightclubs, that is, Dina.)