Martha's Apprentice is virtually identical in structure to the original, yet what makes her show fundamentally different is her candidates' motivation. It's as plain as each show's theme song: "For the Love of Money" versus "Sweet Dreams." Martha's folks are in it for the love of the game.

Jim helped me to see this clearly, because he's on the wrong show. In Jim, Martha has an outwardly ambitious candidate. On the challenges and in the conference room, Jim works himself into a lathered frenzy that, in my opinion, has him teetering on the edge of some sort of attack. Despite his fervid displays to the contrary, I don't believe Jim truly wants to win the position. Does he even realize what Martha is offering? Although he's on the creative team, I've yet to see Jim do anything of the kind. I smell a rat. Could Martha have a Jonny Fairplay on her hands? A candidate on the show not to collect the final prize, but to make a name for himself while the lights are shining bright? Perhaps Jim is hoping to parlay a few weeks in the conference room into pizza commercials, like Sam from Trump's show, or an invitation to a celebrity poker table. Whatever his motivation, it's not a seat at Martha's left hand (Alexis is on the right). This sucks for Team Matchstick, which is already in a creative slump. At least they want what's waiting at the end of Martha's rainbow. Chuck even split himself into two personalities trying to lead Matchstick to victory over the more cohesive Team Primarius. He did it because he wanted the job (even if he wasn't right for it). Dawn's been fighting back against Jim's harsh and largely unwarranted attacks for the same reason. Let's pray that she can take Jim down. Dawn is scrappy and, like Martha, she doesn't quit. Dawn can make "the best of a very, very difficult situation." Hopefully it won't involve any jail time.