Martha Stewart, <EM>The Martha Stewart Show</EM> Martha Stewart, The Martha Stewart Show
The Martha Stewart Show celebrated its 500th episode yesterday, so we rang up the domestic powerhouse to say happy anniversary — and steal a few tips for around the house.

TV Guide: After 500 shows, what have been your favorite bits?
Martha Stewart: Let's see… stuffing a turkey with Russell Crowe. [Laughs] "Bring Your Bulldog Day" was fabulous. Oh, and "Martha Day," where we had only Marthas in the audience.

TV Guide: What one thing should every kitchen have?
Stewart: A stove. [Laughs] It's hard to pick one thing. Kitchens are the most interesting room in a house and there are several things you have to have…. A salad spinner is very time-saving.

TV Guide: March 20 is the first day of spring. What's your spring-cleaning like?
Stewart: It's washing windows, putting in screens… a thorough cleaning from the uppermost corner of a room, around the ceiling and then down. Bedding is put outside in the sun — I even take mattresses out if they need it.

TV Guide: Wow. Are friends ever afraid to have you over?
Stewart: No! [Laughs] Although I don't get invited over much. That's not very good.

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