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Earlier this week, Charisma Carpenter weighed in on one

Buffy reunion accomplished (ABC Family's Relative Chaos, costarring Nicholas Brendon) and another perhaps to come (on David Boreanaz's Bones). Here in Part 2 of her Q&A, the brunette beauty talks about where we definitely will see her next Veronica Mars, home of Kendall's mysterious briefcase and updates us on how she is still Wonder-ing about donning a certain superheroine's bullet-deflecting bracelets. How busy is Veronica Mars going to keep you this season?
Charisma Carpenter: I don't think I'm allowed to say.... I do suggest that people watch the first episode, though! Will we find out what's in the briefcase that Kendall showed Keith? The thing that made him stand up Veronica at the airport?
Uh-huh. Did you know what was in it when you shot last season's finale?
Carpenter: No. It was empty. Did you take any guesses on what was inside?
Carpenter: We all guessed, of course! We were saying [to the writers/producers], "You guys don't really know, do you? You're not sure, are you?" [Laughs] Does Kendall get in Veronica's face at all in the season premiere?
Carpenter: No. No face-off. What fellas might Kendall "play with" this season?
Carpenter: Keith! No, not Veronica's dad....
Carpenter: But that would be so funny, such an "oddball" combo. A lot of fans are dreading that possibility, though.
Carpenter: Are they really?! I love Enrico [Colantoni]. He's so amazing as an actor and so fun to be around. No, there's a new guy in town, a new character [involved] with Kendall, and Keith.... There's a whole story line there. Did you go after any series-regular gigs for this fall?
Carpenter: Of course. I go out every pilot season. You're just too much woman for the small screen to handle?
Is that what it is? Ooh, I really like that line. It really works for me! But I do have an interesting audition coming up soon, so I'm hopeful. Is it for TV? A movie?
Carpenter: Movie, movie, movie... I'm excited. Is it with Joss Whedon, and you're holding a golden lasso? [Carpenter's name often comes up in discussions about the Buffy creator's in-the-works Wonder Woman feature film.]
Carpenter: We're working on that [Carpenter possibly playing Wonder Woman]. I'm working on it, I'm working on it.... You did very well in a poll that ran last spring. [Asked who of three candidates they'd like to see play Wonder Woman, 52.1 percent voted for Carpenter.]
Carpenter: Yeah, your poll was generous. But in some other poll with me, Jessica Biel and Sarah Michelle Gellar  I came in last. Of course, the picture they chose showed me when I was at, like, a children's benefit covered in [conservative clothing]. I should have been wearing something more Wonder Woman-y! Well,'s poll showed you love and I didn't even tamper with it.
Carpenter: I'm so grateful for that. I'm dying to kick butt as Wonder Woman. Itching to kick butt! In my last year of Angel, I was really pregnant and I couldn't do any butt-kicking, so I would really like this opportunity to work with Joss and take it to a new level.

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