Question: Will you marry me, you hot, hot spoiler-giver? OK, just for that, I think I deserve some major spoilers for Grey's Anatomy. What do you think?

Answer: I think you're a lady who knows how to get what she wants. Unfortunately, I don't have much to give you since ABC and the show are "in lockdown" over the three-hour finale. I know what you're thinking: "How's that different than any other episode?" Well, for starters, there are foilers being put out left and right. If you see a spoiler, it's a foiler. I did manage to find out some interesting (and pretty reliable) contract-related prattle that is sure to put me on Shonda Rhimes' hit list. It appears Sara Ramirez (aka dirty-hand-lady Callie) is only committed through the end of this season. As of Monday, my spy tells me there has been "no movement to retain her." That doesn't mean she's not coming back, it just means she's not currently contracted to. Chris O'Donnell, meanwhile, is still booked for eight episodes  six this season and two next. Again, this doesn't mean he won't stick around longer. Meanwhile Kate Walsh (Addison) is on board through early '07, which just happens to mirror the deal the returning Eric Dane (aka McSteamy) just signed. Might Shonda be planning to send them off into the sunset together? I have no clue, but you have to admit, it's a pretty crazy coincidence. Oh, here's one more thing I probably shouldn't be telling you: Shonda spent "oodles" of green on these final episodes and the show is now "severely over budget," whispers an insider. As a result, the buzz is these three hours will not disappoint.

Now, please excuse me while I enter Witness Protection.