Greetings from the loverly Beverly Hills Hilton, site of the 2007 Television Critics Assoc. Press Tour!

My annual two-week orgy of scoop, swag and snacks got off to a inauspicious start yesterday when our 737 was forced to return to the gate at JFK not once, but twice. The first time to let two passengers off the plane, and the second time this one coming just seconds before liftoff to fix a mechanical problem. We finally made it to LAX, only to find another jet parked at our gate pushing our delay well past the two hour mark. The moral of this story? Never travel on Friday the 13th.

My frown was quickly turned upside down when I discovered two cases of Diet Snapple waiting for me in my room at the Hilton, a gift from my good friends over at Judge David Young, a new syndicated court show debuting this fall! (Check local listings.) Don't let this discourage you from sending your own Snapple care packages. I'll have those two cases finished off by tomorrow at the latest.

My Press Tour Diaries don't start until Monday morning, but check back throughout the weekend for breaking scoopbits from the final two days of cable. In the meantime, here are a few juicy morsels to whet your appetite:

* Mandy Patinkin's standoff with CBS is not, I repeat not, about the almighty buck.

* Among the new roles being introduced on Friday Night Lights next season is a dad for Landry.

* I thought I was going to be bringing you big news about a big film star joining a drama series that we love, but I just learned that the deal fell through. Scheduling conflicts were the culprit.

* Someone's going to die this season on Desperate Housewives, and it's probably going to happen during February sweeps.

Gotta run! The Disney Channel's High School Musical 2 panel awaits!