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Mark Salling is being sued by his ex-girlfriend for sexual battery, TMZ reports. Roxanne Gorzela claims that she began dating the Glee star in Sept. 2010, but in March 2011 Gorzela asserts that she consented to have sex with Salling, but only if he wore a condom.

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According to the suit, filed by Gorzela's lawyer Philip J. Layfield, Salling ignored the request and went on to "insert his penis into [her] vagina without a condom." The actor reportedly pulled out after Gorzela protested, but then continued to have unprotected sex with her.Gorzela says she suffered emotional distress and worried about "health concerns" following the incident, but when she went to confront Salling, she found him in bed with another woman. She immediately demanded that Salling prove that he didn't have any STDs, after which Salling allegedly pushed her to the ground. That same day, Gorzela filed a police report against him.

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Salling's publicist Janice Lee told the website, "There is no truth to this. It's the textbook case of a disgruntled girl looking to cash in on a TV star's success."Salling added on

Twitter, "I always have and always will appreciate your support. Terror and intimidation are things ill never subscribe to. Love y'all so much."