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On Survivor: Nicaragua, a twist where two contestants prematurely relinquished the game made for great drama, but anyone who tries to follow in Na'Onka and Purple Kelly's footsteps thinking they will get a place on the jury may want to think again. "It's very unlikely any quitter will be on the jury again," executive producer Mark Burnett told TV Guide Magazine at the OWN TCA party on January 6. "It's an earned position and the only reason those two were on the jury, is that it might have been unfair and that might have affected the winner. That's why we did it."

At the Season 21 finale, host Jeff Probst announced that a new rule would be implemented where it would be at the show producers discretion whether or not a quitter would be allowed a final vote or not. Burnett says there is no firm rule in place yet, but sees one as a necessity. "As long as we know going in that if someone quits they won't be on the jury, there's no hard feelings and there's no legal issue," he says.

Quitting is the last thing on his mind for season 23, as he's in the editing stages of Survivor: Redemption Island. "It is absolutely amazing because it's very American," says Burnett. "Redemption is something that we all seek. We make mistakes, Things happen to us, and we want to redeem ourselves. So when you're voted off now, the first person goes to Redemption Island. They're there alone, in very tough conditions. Then next week the second one is voted off, that person goes off to the island. Those two have a head to head challenge. The winner stays there, the loser goes home. Technically, the first person off could win every challenge on redemption island and come back at the end."

And as the show wouldn't have half as fun without its characters, Burnett says the cast will not disappoint this time either. "When the cast is announced, you will see, it is epic."

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