Mario Lopez, <EM>Extra</EM> Mario Lopez, Extra
Mario Lopez may be the busiest guy in show business. Along with starring in Broadway’s A Chorus Line, hosting

America's Best Dance Crew (Thursdays, 10 pm/ET, MTV) and promoting his book, Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness, he was just promoted from correspondent to the sole host of Extra, replacing Mark McGrath and Dayna Devon as of September 15. The multitasker took time out to talk about his new gig, tabloid rumors and his sexy TV Guide  "Hot Bods" cover.

TV Guide: How did the Extra anchor job come about?
Mario Lopez:
They have this new concept involving a social network, and they want the show to be very innovative and very clever. They asked me if I wanted to take the helm. I was flattered and honored. I love hosting, whether it’s a barbecue at my house or a TV show. And I’m still able to work on other projects, so it’s great.

TV Guide: What kind of changes can we expect?
The set is definitely going to look different. There’s going to be a strong Internet presence. We’re going to have kiosks set up all over the country for people to come and ask questions.

TV Guide: You've had plenty of cameras trained on your life. Is it more fun to be behind the cameras in the gossip business or in front of them?
Lopez: Behind. [Laughs] But it comes with the territory in this whole MySpace, TMZ, YouTube world. You just have to take it with a grain of salt. It’s kind of funny.

TV Guide: What stories have gotten you upset?
Lopez: There are a lot of things that are untrue. If my social life was as active as they like to put out there, I would be a happier guy! [Laughs] But that’s not the case.

TV Guide: You have dated every girl in the business, haven’t you?
Lopez: According to the tabloids. It’s kind of funny. I wish I had time for a social life! That’s the irony. I don’t.

TV Guide: What do fans think of your recent TV Guide "Hot Bods" cover with The Hills' Audrina Patridge?
Lopez: People love that cover! They ask me to sign it a lot. I keep hearing that I look naked. They ask, "Did Audrina mind that you were naked?" First of all, I had shorts on. And I’m sure she would have minded!

TV Guide: Are you pinching yourself that all of this is happening to you at this point in your career?
Lopez: I am. I feel very blessed. I’m going to church and lighting a candle.

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