Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts by Carol Kaelson/ABC Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Perhaps it was exhaustion. Perhaps it was the training diet. Perhaps she was overcome by the glare from the garish trophy located just off camera. In any case, Dancing with the Stars contender Marie Osmond on Monday night took to the floor, literally, upon completing a samba with pro partner Jonathan Roberts. As the judges assayed Osmond's performance, "She was laughing and then sank like a stone," an ABC rep tells the AP. "Everyone froze." ( Watch video here.)

After returning from a hasty commercial break, host Tom Bergeron shared that Osmond's first words upon coming to were, "Oh crap" - and then he asked the editor for a clip to send into one of those crazy home-video shows.

Osmond explained on air that "once in a while... when I get winded, I stop breathing." Team Osmond went on to receive a score of 21 (out of 30).

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