Poor Mariah. And I don't mean that literally, obviously. What I mean is, watching her "docuseries" (which is how fancy people say "reality show") Mariah's World, you really feel for her — and have misconceptions shattered too.

Yes, Mariah has insane amounts of money and enjoys all the attention that a global superstar is due. But she works hard. Two kids, a relationship, a tour: she's juggling a lot, and it's more pressure and decision-making that most of us could imagine. The biggest surprise here is seeing the core Mariah: a caring, vulnerable, mostly down-to-earth and supremely talented lady... who simply has really extravagant taste. She's a diva, but she's earned the right to be one since living in her world means enduring a lot of crazy. Here are six of the wildest moments we saw in the premiere.

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1. When we meet her alter-ego Bianca Storm
Not even five minutes in, Mariah kicks off the cray-cray with the appearance of Bianca Storm, her shadow self/nemesis with a bad English accent. Done up like an assassin in a straight-to-video action-thriller, Mariah-as-Bianca dribbles out some nonsense about hating Mariah and wanting to fight her. Sadly, Bianca doesn't reappear in the episode but I'd gladly start a Gofundme for Bianca to have her own tour, show and merchandise.

Mariah as Bianca Storm, who also needs her own show ASAP.Mariah as Bianca Storm, who also needs her own show ASAP.

2. When we see her devoted fans
Though their signs are distressingly glitter-deficient, Mariah's lambs more than made up for their lackluster bedazzling skills with the little tails they wagged on screen. One fan said he'd select seeing Mariah over eating if it came down to choosing, which I'm sure The Diva would approve of. Champagne has nutrients, right?

Mariah fans have a distressingly low amount of rhinestones and glitter on these signs.Mariah fans have a distressingly low amount of rhinestones and glitter on these signs.

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3. Seeing her relationship with then-fiancé James Packer beginning to implode
We all know this hasn't exactly worked out, and although the show was already in production when they called off their engagement, Mariah could've very well put the kibosh on what many people in the same situation might've deemed too private, too embarrassing, too awkward to put out there. While it is curious why Mariah doesn't just put her stiletto'd foot down and tell her manager Stella to pick a date and shut up, it's also clear that the wedding itself wasn't the only issue. Her tour and professional commitments seemed like a scapegoat for something else — Mariah's occasional vacant stare and head-nodding as Stella talks about the wedding a clear sign other factors were at play. This will be sad to watch going forward, but entertaining. We're awful, right?

Mariah and her fiancé James in happier times.Mariah and her fiancé James in happier times.

4. When Mariah's manager tells Molly the assistant she can't have a boyfriend for a year
To quote Whoopi in Ghost, "Molly, you in danger girl." Nobody needs a crystal ball to know that Molly seems like... not an entirely good fit to be a tour assistant, not least because Mariah's gladiator manager Stella says that out loud. Molly has a sort of deer-in-headlights look about this whole thing and her sermon about always being the best at a job — even if it's scooping dog poop or whatever (why that analogy Molly, why?) — didn't seem convincing. The biggest red flag though is when Stella straight-up tells Molly she can't date for a year and then we see Molly relay this information to her already existent boyfriend. And she's crying by the end of the episode, making that the second rule Molly breaks after just getting hired. This won't end well. But if I had to guess whether Molly (foolishly convinced she and Mariah are going to be friends) or Mariah will emerge as the victor in this doomed partnership, I'm gonna go ahead and vote Mariah.

Stella is going to eventually chew through Molly's neck.Stella is going to eventually chew through Molly's neck.

5. When Mariah was rehearsing with her musical partner Big Jim at the piano
It's so easy to get distracted by all her outrageousness and opulence, but Mariah is, was and forever will be one of the best female vocalists of all time. Watching her simply warm up and fool around at the piano served as a reminder of how insanely talented she is. Also, this moment provided us with several close-ups of that boulder of a diamond her fiancé gave her, which served as a reminder that Mariah is flawless.

Mariah with her musical partner...and that rock.Mariah with her musical partner...and that rock.

6. Her 'til-the-break-of-dawn rehearsal
It's neat to see how hard Mariah actually works. In this rehearsal scene, it was hard not to be amazed at how they expect her highness to get on top of a rickety folding table to practice their trademark Parade Mariah Around on a Throne lift. Interestingly, she doesn't put her foot down here either, despite having made it clear she doesn't want to do this. Still, Mariah sucks it up and awkwardly gets on top of a foam pad thingy while using a water bottle as a mic (just like us!) and then rehearses with her dancers until nearly 5 a.m. What devotion! What stamina! It's what it takes to be Mariah, darling.

Mariah's WorldMariah's World

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