Mariah Carey appeared at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills — or as she probably calls it, "that little motel in that quaint neighborhood" — Wednesday to promote her new E! show Mariah's World at the Television Critics Association gathering and boy, was it a show.

Even her pre-show was a show, dahling: before she arrived on stage, waiters swarmed through the ballroom and placed Veuve Clicquot on everyone's table, then Compartes chocolate with her name on it as well as her #1 to Infinity CD. It was like being downwind of a Mariah Carey cough, then discovering you've been covered in glitter and splashed with perfume.

Next, a velvet chaise was placed on stage, the lights were dimmed to an elegant, royal purple, and then we waited. Minutes went by — an unusual occurrence at the tight-as-a-drum scheduled TCA — and then finally, out came Mimi.

And she wasn't alone: six shirtless men, their abs looking like they'd been chiseled by a Greek sculptor, emerged (to some terrible techno music) and then, MARIAH. Wearing a glittery black bustier and glittery black heels, Mariah vamped before taking a seat on one of the men's backs. Then she moseyed over to her chaise, and proceeded to give everyone in the ballroom life as she answered questions about her upcoming show which debuts Dec. 4 on E! Here, some of the choicest quotes from her appearance-turned-performance.

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1. "I want to share a splash with y'all," moments after getting on stage, raising her champagne class and asking her to join her. "Cheers darlings, cheers!"

2. "I don't consider [the show] reality. I wanted to document. We're going on tour. We haven't been on tour in at least 10 years... when I was 10. Lets show behind the scenes, show what it takes to be on tour." Best: "I don't even watch reality. I don't even know what reality is. Like, literally in terms of the real world."

3. "That's two questions and that's almost as high as I can count."

4. "I'm never sure who to trust. I'm never sure how things are going to be perceived. We're still in the process of filming and having real moments. My goal is to make something lasting for my fans and my kids and for myself."

5. What does Nick Cannon, her ex-husband, think about her kids being on the show? "I can't speak for what he thinks. We're not together any more. I didn't say he was going to be on the show, I said he'd be around. I don't know if he makes the final cut."

6. "It's not scripted. I don't know what these other shows are. I don't watch them."

7. How was American Idol? "It was the most abusive situation of my life."

8. What female pop singers does she admire? "There's a few." And they are? "They would be lovely ladies. It's not their day."

9. Not a quote at all but, mid-way through her time, her makeup artist and hair fluffer came out, teasing and brushing and caressing her face while she spoke AND drank Champagne at the same time.

10. "I don't throw shade! Do I look like a shady person or a nice person? I get put in situations that might be awkward or uncomfortable or asked questions, and I just speak my truth."

Mariah's World is an eight-part event that follows Carey as she kicks off her "Sweet Sweet Fantasy" tour spanning the U.K., Europe and Africa, while also planning her wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer.

Mariah's World begins Sunday, December 4 at 9/8c on E!