OK, guys, I'm getting ready to defend Brooke and bash Davis (standard fare, right?), so look away if you must. But I love Brooke! And I'm sick of seeing people mess with her, because she doesn't deserve it.

And Davis is just so weird - even P.J. seems to think so. Why in the world were they rolling around naked, asking Brooke to join in? It was strange that Brooke was watching and calling Jenn over like it was some sort of freak sideshow to see two guys kissing, but the fact that they were, or at least Davis was, trying to call attention to themselves just makes their relationship seem kind of odd and gross to me. At least Brooke had a sense of humor about it - it helps diffuse the weirdness of Davis' constant advances on her in general. But still, I wish he would just leave her alone.

And so the whole conflict between Brooke and Davis - well, it was really more Davis' problem since Brooke made it clear she didn't know why he was mad at her - stemmed from Davis thinking Brooke was trying to come between him and his boyfriend. OK, first of all, that's ridiculous because - and I know I'm offering a groundbreaking insight here - they're gay!

Brooke has said on many occasions that she would never want to come between them and that she really considers Davis her friend, and, by the way, he is the one who sexually harasses her. He's the one unzipping his pants, he's the one who upset his boyfriend - not Brooke. And Davis is the one who said that having a boyfriend shouldn't stop Brooke from having sex with him! I hate you, Davis! Don't act like Brooke drunkenly telling him to look out for himself affected your relationship with your boyfriend in any way, just because you are upset that he left and you're looking for some sort of target so you can feel better about yourself.

Brooke was too cool to be friends with him anyway. And as far as the Outward Bound thing goes, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This was not a good or fair idea for the Real World job. A few days at the gym, even if Brooke had tried her hardest, could not level the playing field for this tiny girl who has clearly never done anything physical in her life.

But anyway, on a lighter note, I still love Tyrie! Isn't he the nicest guy in the world? I just can't get over it. And I love how he's so open about his attraction to Brooke but still respects her enough to keep his distance (unlike everyone's favorite freak!).