Not that I'm really against it, but when did everyone jump on the I-hate-Stephen bandwagon? Hey, I was hating Stephen before it was cool. MTV really seemed to be portraying him as a villian in this episode more than ever before - and honestly, his behavior this episode didn't offend me as much as the horrible things that have come out of his mouth in the past have, during which the show's editing portrayed him as a much more positive and well liked presence in the house. I had no idea until now that Colie and Stephen didn't like each other. I also had no idea that Jenn and Stephen's making up after their Mercii fight didn't really fix their relationship. But now Stephen's the one with all the drama surrounding him, MTV tells us. OK.

So, I guess he had a bad attitude about Outward Bound. I didn't realize quite how bad, though, until that comment at the very end about being happy to see people he actually cared about, unlike anyone in Colorado. Whoa.... So don't get me wrong, Stephen annoyed me in this episode, too: If a camp counselor were just silent and surly, I could see it making these kids - who are probably uncomfortable enough already - feel worse. Although, you know what? Looking back on my childhood's scarring experiences of mandatory physical activity, it was the in-my-face, screaching instructors (i.e. Colie) who upset me the most, even though they might have been trying to help. But whatever. This behavior is just yet another edition going into my I-hate-Stephen library. But those kids seemed nice - I'd like to know which counselor they actually liked the most. Maybe they did prefer Colie over Stephen, (I know I'm a bit biased against her). And if Stephen was bad, what was Miss Brooke like? I can't even imagine.

Well, I certainly couldn't see any of them liking Chris. Oh, god. He makes me want to vomit! His pretending to play basketball with Tyrie, looking like a complete tool... and the way he just throws around buzz words like "I play to win" or "level Mount Everest" - it all annoys me so much. What does that stuff even mean? How did his stupid pep talk actually work on Tyrie, who felt so strongly five minutes before? I'll never understand it.

So, I also have to wonder how much of that Let's Go Around the Table and Tell Each Person What We Don't Like About Him session was really standard Outward Bound counselor procedure and how much of it was MTV trying to make this entertainment bust of a job more interesting. And was Chris supposed to mediate the group's insults? What did he think would happen? Stephen's "good talk" remark summed it up - this, not surprisingly, only made everyone more pissed off at each other. Great counseling, Chris.

Oh, yeah. So, I'm bad with directions too, but umm... an hour in the wrong direction? An hour? How could none of them have noticed? That was pretty much just... sad. Not much else, guys.