Well, this episode was pretty anticlimactic, huh? After all that build up, everyone's kind of just back where they were a few episodes ago. Jenn's gone back to being a skank - well, gone back to not caring about being a skank - and Tyrie and Jazalle are back together. The only real change is that Tyrie now has an arrest on his record and clearly regrets coming on the show. In my opinion, he's come out looking the best of anyone on the cast so far, even though I think he went too far with Jazalle, and the arm grabbing was not OK. But she was really overreacting, I think, and I was never worried about her safety - everyone was just drunk. Maybe I would feel differently if I had Tyrie's - I don't even know how much he must weigh - build screaming at me and grabbing me. But he didn't come off as a future wife-beater to me. But like I said, I can't blame him for worrying about his reputation and his future after having his behavior in a really unnatural situation broadcast all over America. I mean, can you imagine anyone ever dating Brooke (as much as I love her) after seeing her on this show? MTV definitely killed her future love life.

I don't think Tyrie's going to leave the show or anything; I think he was just upset. And also, it's just so painful to see this guy cry (that's probably something else he regrets having been caught on camera), because I really believe him when he says these sorts of things would never have happened to him under normal circumstances. But at the same time, he knew the cops were there, so I can't really excuse his peeing in public. And why was detox the "worst experience of his life"? What did they do to him?

By the way, Stephen can shove it. All he was concerned about was Tyrie embarrassing his race...? Oh, come on. I don't even know where to begin with this one. He's just such a hateful person - he has his mind in the wrong place.

But on a lighter note: Jenn's a huge skank! I loved the cast's euphemisms for her: Oh, she's "free-spirited," or don't get involved with her because she has "got a lot of other stuff going on." Really Jenn, turn down the slutty just a little bit. Please. And stop wearing so much makeup. And for god's sake, I see way too much of your incredibly agile tongue when you're making out with people in bars. You just scream "professional" when you're hooking up... not good. It's also not good how the guys you hook up with never seem to remember the next morning why they hooked up with you. "I don't know, we were just talking, then we were making out... then we were in bed, I guess." The only plus was that she was a Raider-ette. Jenn, what happened to you giving up drinking, anyway?