Martin Henderson, Thomas Blake Jr., Jason George Martin Henderson, Thomas Blake Jr., Jason George

Off the Map may seem familiar, what with its genetically blessed coterie of dark and twisty doctors, but the new ABC series replaces Seattle Grace with, well, a South American jungle. Wednesday's premiere introduced us to the newly arrived staff of La Clinica Cruz del Sur. Let's make snap judgments about them!

Lily (Caroline Dhavernas): She's a driven, caring doctor with a tragic burden: She's mourning the recent death of her fiancé.
Reminds Us Of:
A gutsier Meredith Grey.

Tommy (Zach Gilford): His colleagues call him "frat boy," but trading his strip mall plastic surgery practice for a life in the tropics won't always be a  party.
Reminds Us Of:
A more upbeat Alex Karev.

Mina (Mamie Gummer): When a child died on her watch, it was time for this overachiever to make a drastic change.
Reminds Us Of:
An overworked Izzie Stevens.

Ben (Martin Henderson): He's a well-known humanitarian who founded the clinic. The ladies ogle him.
Reminds Us Of: He has the lush follicles of Derek Shepherd and the philanthropic spirit of Arizona Robbins.

Otis (Jason George): Ben's angry right-hand man was previously a doctor in the Navy. Now he just tries to keep from falling off the wagon.
Reminds Us Of:
Owen with addiction issues.

Zee (Valerie Cruz): The resident expert on herbal medicine, Zee is also the cynical one, who expects the American doctors won't last a week.
Reminds Us Of:
Bailey, especially since she's hooking up with Otis.

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