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Manifest: Here's Who Died in the Shocking Fall Finale

Who saw that coming?!

Keisha Hatchett

Deep breaths, everyone! Manifest, the show that raises more questions than gives answers, delivered one doozy of a fall finale complete with gut-wrenching family drama, a huge explosion and a shocking death.

Monday's stressful hour saw Ben (Josh Dallas) continue his unlikely team-up with NSA Director Vance (Daryl Edwards) as they worked to uncover the truth behind Unified Dynamic Systems' torturous experimentation on the 11 detained passengers.

Things became even more complicated by the sudden arrival of Autumn, a distressed passenger with an arrest warrant in dire need of some help. When Flight 828 landed in New York, the officers who arrested her at the airport turned her over to the Singularity Project for experimentation. She managed to escape, but not without some emotional and physical scarring.

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Ben broke the news to Vance that Dynamic Systems is using electroshock therapy to unlock the mental link between the passengers of Flight 828, leaving the high-level officer stunned and wanting to tread cautiously. However, Ben was not okay with waiting for action since Cal had been experiencing the same pain as the tortured passengers.

Meanwhile, at the top-secret facility, the mad scientists in white coats got more aggressive in their research and increased the voltage of the electrics, but something was different this time. Ben, Sanvi (Parveen Kaur) and even Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) received pretty intense headaches from the charge, reiterating the psychic link between the passengers. Things were getting worse for Cal, whose nose began to bleed.

While mysterious men in suits invaded Grace's surprise party for Ben, the man of the hour was busy searching for the detained passengers with Michaela, Jared (J.R. Ramirez) and Vance. They finally stormed the warehouse they'd been investigating to no avail. It was empty. Just when it looked like they'd reached a dead end, Cal (Jack Messina), who's too smart for his own good, swooped in to inform everyone that the missing people were still there and points to where they might be hidden. And because this show isn't confusing enough, he also dropped a cryptic plea for Ben to go in with the police task force because he was the only one who could see them. Trust me, this will make sense later on.

Backed by a team of elite law enforcement officers, Michaela, Jared and Vance stormed the lab and a gunfight ensued. Ben got to work freeing the detained passengers, which was a difficult task because of a searing headache tied to his mental link to the passengers undergoing electroshock experimentation. Once they had been rescued, Ben led the way out by following a lit path that only he could see. While he and his group made it out just fine, Vance and Jared weren't so lucky. Sticking behind to slap handcuffs on the white coats, they ended up going taking a different path just as several oxygen tanks blew up.

The explosion knocked Ben pretty hard, and instead of stars, he saw a peacock. Was this a clue or just network synergy? Michaela also got knocked to the ground, but fortunately, she remained unscathed. Realizing that Jared was still underground, she rushed back in only to find his limp body. Though it looked pretty bad, he's still alive and is expected to pull through. Vance, on the other hand, didn't make it.

As the dust settled, Grace confronted Ben about their relationship and admitted that things are not working for her. He's different and what they have no longer feels right. Realizing that he's going through something she just can't understand, Ben tearfully agreed and decided to leave. He also suggested taking Cal with him under the notion that he's the only one who could protect their son, but Grace immediately shut that down. She's missed her son for five years, so there's no way she's letting him go now.

But they weren't the only ones to experience a huge revelation during Monday's chilling hour. Michaela, after seeing Jared's life spared, believes there's a reason he's still alive after he found out about the Calling: she talked back. Michaela asked the Calling to spare Jared's life and thinks it listened. Perhaps she's onto something... or just giving in to wishful thinking.

In the biggest twist of the night, however, it turned out that Autumn wasn't so much a damsel in distress as she was a double agent. She's been working with the bad guys this whole time and has been tasked with finding out what Ben knows and who he's working with. The question is, how long will it take for Ben to realize that Autumn isn't who she seems?

2019 needs to come sooner!

Manifest returns Monday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c on NBC.

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Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros.